I just wanted to share my OC results for both 8800 gt and 9600 gt systems that I have. I built the 9600gt system

for my Friend, and wanted to compare my 8800gt system with the new

9600gt System. Both machines are of Similar configuration except for

the GPU. Here are the results:


System Profile:
Q6600 at 3.4ghz
P5K Deluxe Mobo


8800gt System (Quad-Fusion)
3DMark06: 14541


XFX 8800gt
Stock: 640/1600/900
Max Stable OC: 730/1825/1050
Accelero S1 Rev.2 w/ 120mm fan
Temp>> Idle:38c Load: 47c


9600gt System (Magnus-Machine)
3DMark06: 13312


XFX 9600gt
Stock: 650/1600/900
Max Stable OC: 821/2105/1050
Thermalright HR-03 GT w/ 92mm Fan
Temp>> Idle:33c Load: 46c


8800gt System (Quad-Fusion)  3DMark06: 14541


9600gt System (Magnus-Machine) 3DMark06: 13312

  Only Configuration Differences between the two systems were:
8800gt powered by Rosewill Xtreme 750w, CPU cooled by Zalman 9700NT, Antec 900 Case
9600gt powered by PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W, CPU cooled by Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme with Scythe 110cfm fan, Raidmax Smilodon Case


Crisis Causer

The old generation "800" line is a little bit faster than the new generation "600" line.  Seems like the same as last time, where the 8600GT was a little slower than a 7800GT.  This leaves me very excited about seeing a real single GPU 9800 card.

Thanks for the comparison.  If still possible, I wouldn't mind seeing a real world benchmark comparision too.


I'm not too keen on the rest of the Series 9 cards since they are just rebadged cards using the G9x core.

The GT200 is where its at when it comes to an actual new generation of video card since its not a recycled peice of hardware.


thanks for the 3d mark scores.... i woulda thought the 9600 would have outperformed it or have been equal.. good to know!


Not really since the 8800GT has the better specs despite have lower clocks. 


That's pretty interesting. I guess that's why the 9600gt is cheaper than the 8800gt. Still for it's price the 9600gt is not a bad buy IMO. Especially if going SLI you can save almost $100 bucks between the 2 cards. Get a decent cooler and OC. Still it would be nice to see a single gpu 9800gt or something around the 8800gt's price range that has better performance. Time will tell.


 Yep, the 9600GT is a good card since they can be had for ~$150 plus it seems to scale really good in SLI, much more so thatn 2x8800GT 512MB cards.


 But the 8800GT's will still beat the 9600GT's, not to mention you are still paying 100% more for 60% more performance. I would much rather take n 8800GTS 512 or 8800GTX over 2 x 8800GT's or 9600GT's.

One powerful single card will always be better than two mediocre cards.


Try a benchmark that matters, pick any old game (preferable new ish) and run a time trial that gives frames, and time. ie, do your own test. Or at least run a built in benchmark from Supreme commander, Company of Hero's, etc..


 3Dmark is virtually irrelivant these days, when an 8600GTS beats a 7950GT, there is something wrong.


Crisis Causer

I too have been ignoring 3Dmark scores more and more these day.  It's good for rough estimates, but yeah the real world results often differ.  Though to be fair, an 8600GTS isn't outrageously slowerer than a 7950GT, but yeah it still shouldn't win.


You should benchmark them with the exact same hardware, even power supplies. You'd be suprised in the difference of performance. Therefore it's not a very accurate benchmark.