Savage Animal

My freind is getting this error whenever I try to update to IE7. Also IE 6 fails to open any email program, including hotmail. I am/was able to set her up with all her email accounts through Firefox with no problem. Any ideas why this might be?


 IE 6 will always fail unless you have an e-mail program setup and set as default. Setting up Outlook would fix this if you really need to.

 As for the IE 7 error... Go Firefox?

 IE 7 is nice, I just prefer to send people over to using Firefox as it seems much easier, and more familiar to most people.



 You could try and find a Windows SP2 Kit with IE7 slipstreamed.It is much easier this way.

Savage Animal

She has sp2 installed already, and I fixed her email issues by using firefox, still though, she was able to open her hotmail using IE, then one day it stopped working. I am getting an error that says windows crytopgraphic service is not running, that is what I want to fix.