ice91785 wrote:

Why not just use a "universal" media player for your quicktime trailers? I know you are a media what are your thoughts on VLC? (its what I use for all odd file types when I don't desire having extension-specific players all over my PC)

Also if you know of a way to DL just iTUnes w/o quicktime you should let me know (I mean aside from just un-installing Q.T. after the install is complete)

Safari -- meh; unnecessary in all respects as it does less than firefox and in some cases less than IE (*GASP!!*) so why bother?  Security isn't as much of an issue with Macs so maybe they aren't used to programming as such - when they address this a bit more and add some extensions maybe I will play a little more with it


 I actually don't use Quicktime...=P...I use FFDshow, hallimedia splitter, and Matroska. Basically, I can decode any format via any player I want. So I just use MPC, my player of choice 😛. But back in the day, I did have to download quicktime for friends when I wanted them to check out a trailer. Apple trailers has some fantastic quality HD trailers, that's for sure. But I didn't want to install my package preference on a friends rig and throw their system out of whack when it comes to what they're use too 😛. But yea, Quicktime Alternative + Real Alternative and your set as well....All the formats I play are decoded in MPC via FFDShow 😃...I love it 😛. What's also nice, is that ffdshow let's you tweak video as well, post processing, bright/contrast adjustments even to a single RGB value, noise reduction, debands, blur, sharpening, deinterlacing, crop, resize, etc...Everything all in real time if your processor is capable enough 😛..which mine truly are now ::bows to hothardware:: 😃.

 If you guys have any questions regarding media and other issues, just drop me a pm or response 😛. Whether it be meda issues, HD Decoding, media encoding, etc....

BTW..Regarding Itunes..ATM I believe they have it separately, just checked, and it doesn't state it including it into the downloader. What I was stating before way a while back, you were forced to download both and install both. Talk about scandalous, but I guess a lot of people complained consideirng you can download them individually.