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Sorry it took so long guys...I've been playing Crysis and found myself too busy to put the time into doing this till today 😛...God it feels good to game again....

 I uploaded the images to photobucket...and just realized they don't have a thumbnailed viewing code..so I'm just going to give direct links with explanations 😛...too lazy to re-upload..and crysis is waiting for me 😃. Here are the events that occurred.


The beauty finally arrives in my house...I set it down and run to get the camera only to return with my kitty playing king of the box...Not this time kitty..::slap::



Along with the lovely box came my new keyboard, mouse, and souncard..=D..My headset unfortunately didn't arrive since it was out of stock..But they shipped it out from Japan..O_O...



Before we move any further, my current setup in all it's hideousness 😛...



I'm about to go jack the ripper ape[censored]on the box 😛 (excuse my french ^_^)



The packaging itself was juts insane....I can't even fathom how much was spent on tape/bubblewrap




At this moment I began to spend 20 minutes on trying to figure out a way of getting the rig out without damaging the box, just incase something did happen to the rig....



After realizing it was impossible with all the tape..I went ape[censored]=P...




My cat explores the new belongings as I unwrap the large amount of tape used to wrap the brown packaging..




With my surprise..there was VERY THICK foam inserts all around the computer itself, I finally pried out the beast 😃.




I opened up the beauty to see more foam packaging 😛..This one to keep all the cpu heatsinks, and graphics cards in place without breaking during shipment...Great job on the shipping marco! 😃..



Finally removed..Behold the beauty 😃...








And finally!..the new setup! =D




It was definitely an adventure 😃.... But as noted in the upcoming posts..I did run into a few problems.

AHCI is the only mode to support all 6 sata ports, so I had to use IDE in order to atleast get windows XP working. I already went through 8 os installs trying to get AHCI to work in XP...But It just wouldn't work correctly for me 😞...I even slipstreamed my XP cd with nlite and the AHCI Sata drivers...It actually did install..But wouldn't boot 😞...I could probably fix it withj some time..But for now..I need to get my game on 😃.

In terms of gpu temperature..DAMN hot...I was idling at 25% stock fan speed at around 72-74C...I burned my hand on the plastic covering. At 70% manually set fan speed, temps dropped to 68 or so C idle. So I took some spare higher airflow fans I had lying around and replaced the two rear exhaust fans with higher rated CFM ones. I also took t[censored]s two replaced fans along with two other spares, and rigged them to the side mesh panel...3 of them just during direct air right onto the components, and one actually hanging angled downward to get air inbetween the bottom graphics card and my sound card. The difference was astonishing..I went from 68C idle with a 70% fanspeed to 38-46 depending on ambient temp...It's average is around 39-42C over the past few days..talk about massive..25C drop..O_O..This is what the fans look like on the side panel.


 I've also been having CPU temperature issues which are covered in the following posts...I need to figure out what I want to do in terms of replacement heatsinks...Trying to gather the funds for some new ones...I shouldn't of went gung ho on nearly maxing out my credit card on a mouse, keyboard, headset, and soundcard..Should of just made due with what I had and replaced the cooling issue first with more memory...lol..but I'll just try to scrape up what I can, and figure out what I plan to do.


Now for the benchmarks...But to my amazement...the scores weren't as high as I thought it would be...I'm pretty much sure it's the memory holding back the system. DDR2-667 running at a 5:4 ratio to the FSB. The QX9775's are 1600FSB cpu's, so quad pumped that's a 400 FSB...ddr2-800 would be a 1:1 ratio. But as we know, FBDIMMs are expensive and slow, kingston is planning to release cas3 ddr2-800 fbdimms in the near future, I'm just going to save up my money and address this problem at that time 😛.


Regarding these benchmarks..I haven't had the time to OC the cpu's...with these temps I don't really want to do so atm till I get better cooling..I'll eventually throw in some updated benchmarking when I get better cooling and get these cpu's up to around 4 ghz or so 😃.  For now there is just Stock..and a mild OC on the 8800 GT's...

Stock 8800 GT Reference - 600 Core/900 memory (1800)/1500 Shader

Current Mild OC - 670 Core/975 memory (1950)/1675 Shader 


3DMark 05-

Stock: 19,257

OC: 19,566


3DMark 06-

Stock: 17,294

OC: 17,714


Super Pi 1M: 15 Sec. (exactly)


Geekbench: 7,786


I have to admit, odd that the gap in 3dmark06 in performance was bigger then 05...But the memory is indeed holding the rig back..With time I'll replace it...This is all I've been able to benchmark so far..Super Pi I'm not really surprised, it's a single threaded benchmark, and falls in line based on the timing.

Sorry it took so long to get this out guys..But Crysis is just too much fun 😛...Time for me to cloak on out of here and throw some more north korean's across the world 😃...lol...

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 Most excellant!


Can't wait to see pics, benches, and overclocking results of this baby.


Congrats again, given your current computer, it might be a slight improvement ^_^.

Crisis Causer

Ahh!  I'm excited to see the pics and benchies!  You're so lucky Kamrooz, that computer will last you a long time.  Remember to feed it everyday and take it for walks and pet it... and for god's sake use all those cores to 100% sometimes![<:o)]

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you know it is gonna go really high on those benchmark test cant wait to see how high 


 I've got a box of tissue and some lotion on standby until you post those pics. 

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 cant wait for u to run the x264 benchmarks on it .

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 wonder how much longer it will be before we see some benchmarks


Wow, I want to see some pictures now!!!! JK, take your time. 🙂 Congrats once more. :)

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 Guys...This thing is a BEAST...O_O...lol.

I have all pictures taken from many points in opening the packages..But I'm going to get on the beast then post everything 😛...the packing job was fantastic, but took a LONG time to undo...lol <3..I'm just speechless...This rig is so beautiful =*D

 Pics to come, benches to come..I'm in the process of slighty undoing the beautiful cable management job Marco went through 😞...Only in the hard drive cage though 😛..I have 4 hard drives I have to add from my current computer...=P..Can't lose my video editing sources and project files..lol...MORE TO COME!...Hopefully within the next hour or two once i get everything up and running with windows 😃.

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already sounds nice and we havent even benchmarked yet 


Oh, man, I am so jelious, and I won't hide it. ;)

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peti1212 wrote:

Oh, man, I am so jelious, and I won't hide it. ;)

we all are
Savage Animal

 Congratulations senior, I hope it works well for you!