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During a recent broadband technology summit in Australia Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak took the time to gripe about a few of Apple's newer products.

“Steve Wozniak says he wishes Apple hadn't released a 2G version of the iPhone; that the Apple TV is frustrating to use, and that the MacBook Air won't be a hit.”

Many of these sentiments have been ec[censored]d on forums and even reviews of these products, so it wasn't exactly a surprise to hear The Woz tell it like it is.

Crisis Causer

Wozniak is the man.  He's actually approachable by fans too, apparently.  I remember reading a story about how Steve Jobs is rude to people but Wozniak will love to tell you what he thinks about this or that.  It's good to see Apple is listening to the people. 


 I agree...I mean come on, yea the macbook air might be damn thing and portable..But wth...external CD rom drive? How impractical and annoying. What's also the point of a 2gb iphone with movie capabilities?..they'd have to be compressed so bad to fit, and the quality would be subpar...Personally, I dislike apples way of thinking...I have to hear their praises way too much by my brainwashed brother 😑. I'll admit OSX is good...but the price for the products is ridiculous.

BTW..Apple TV sucks..=P 


There's 1 thing that Apple is deffinately good at making... money! lol


That and things that have "i" in front of the name -- iHate that trend...iDislike it a lot


I mentioned this in another thread, but if you missed it here's an Apple acronym I came up with:

A.P.P.L.E. = Always Profiting Pedaling Lame Equipment

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they should do what windows does and let other componies make there computers and they focus on the os that way price would be cheaper