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First off, I can not express my appreciation or glee to hothardware enough. I will be forever your slave...I never expected to win the contest..Heck, I've never won any type of giveaway contest in my life no matter the vast amount I've applied to. I stated I would be giving away my current rig if anyone needed it....My word means a lot to me, So here I am doing just so. I'm open to giving the entire rig as is, or break it up into parts and ship them off to people....I'll even pay for the shipping, I owe something for winning this Skulltrail contest...My loyalty for life is guaranteed 😛 (It was guaranteed even if I lost =P)...But I still need to offer something in return....So here's what I'm giving away.

I need to hold onto most of my hard drives though (except 1 for an os), I have a lot of valuable data and can't afford to give them away...As well as the tuniq tower, and 2 sticks of the 4 modules...EVERYTHING ELSE is up for grabs! Here's what I'm giving away...as a complete rig...or parts..Please keep in mind this won't be a very fast process, Who am I looking to give these parts away to? To people that need it, if your rig is a lower performer, or you can't afford a spare rig for your son, brother, or a family member...anything really, as long as you really need it...not just to have when you already have a uber rig 😛.

Thermaltake Shark Case - It's beaten up a bit, but I'll spend time to thoroughly clean it and remove all the dust. One out of the two usb ports on the front panel of the case snapped, so only one of those front ports work...

Pentium 4 540 (3.2 prescott) -  Dated..Still runs perfectly fine. It probably doesn't have much of a overclocking life left in it. It is about 4 or so years old. 

Asus P5AD2 Premium - A 925 chipset board. Right on the border of first gen PCI-E. Has been a solid champ for me with a added mini fan on the chipset heatsink...

2X1 GB OCZ Modules - PC2-667 modules. Timings are 4-4-4-12 with a 1.9 spec dram voltage. I have 4x1 gb of these modules..But my cousin is living off 512 megs of ram...and I really want to keep 2 of these modules for him. I still have the original packaging as well...

Lite-ON SOHC-5232K - A CD-RW with DVD reading capabilities.

Lite-ON SOHW-1633S - A Dual Layer DVD-RW drive

ATI Radeon X700 Pro - Still runs perfectly. Although the fan does have a ticking issue at times, it runs perfectly fine. A stable OC via ATITool before artifacts kick in for this card is 486 Core, and 502.20 memory (1004.40). Why am I stating this? So you could atleast know if you plan to OC 😛.

Vantec Stealth 520 Watt PSU -  24 Pin psu, it's dated as well around 4 years or so. Still running strong, but not a large amount of juice considering it's been running 4 years, it's output has probably dropped..but still running solid.

Seagate 180 GB Drive - 180 GB Seagate SATA1 drive. I can't pull up the info just yet since it's raided...I'll get the info and specs and post them after I restart the pc.

Intel Stock Heatsink that came with a q6600 - I threw on a aftermarket heatsink for a rig I built, so I have this cooler left over to couple with the 3.2 prescott if someone needs it. Unfortunately I still need the tuniq tower 120 that's currently in this rig for a friends low budget allendale rig I'm building, trying to shave cash off for him to get him better parts.

That's pretty much it. My entire rig, I also have two Silverstone 39 DBA 110 CFM fans, and a blue led lighted fan in this case (don't know the specs)...I will couple it with the case or give it to those who need it.

Please do keep in mind this is meant for people who really really need the parts. Whether it be for themselves, a friend, or family...The economy has taken a real hit, not everyone has a computer or the cash to get one (that would be me in the cash department =P)...So I feel honored to help out as many people as I can with this donation. Just respond with what you need and state the reason, please be genuine....Last thing I want is to ship these parts off to someone who doesn't really need it. Please don't take advantage of this generosity....This is meant to help people. 

In terms of delivery..I will just do standard shipping, such as UPS ground with tracking. I will pay for shipping 😛..I owe that much atleast to hothardware...It just doesn't feel right getting such a grand gift without giving back in return. It might take a while to get this stuff out...Since I do need a computer, going to wait till I receive this contest rig...I would also like to ship all the parts from this rig at one time, or the rig as a whole out at once to avoid spending cash on gas....I aint rich 😛. So please state what you need and why! I'll judge who needs it the most....

Once again, thank you to hothardware, god bless you guys... 



Don't tear it apart yet, did they say how long it would take to ship the new system out?

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No they didn't...But I can wait as long as it takes 😛. But yea, I won't be gutting the rig until I get the system...I've got all my work on here in terms of web design that I'm still working on. So once I get the rig, going to gut this one and then ship out the parts. But hopefully I'll be able to ship everything at once to save gas/time. Even though I do post a lot..I'm constantly working, whether it be web design, or fixing/building rigs. (except for the hour or two out of my day I play Natural Selection or CS 1.6). I'm able to check every 5-10 minutes though on forums I visit for new post...But I've pretty much dropped numerous forums now 😛...Want to help out here as much as I can. ^_^...Giving up on TH...It's a breeding ground for insult..=P


Hey I could use some parts I dont have my own PC right now!


Sh-t now I feal like a mooch but the only thing I have so far is a new tower so if you havent gave it away anything would be appreciated. Thanks Bill


My sister's computer just had the mainboard fail, a D865GBF, I could use the mainboard and processor if no one else needs it.

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I'm gonna let this thread run till I get that beauty of a skulltrail system in my hands 😃. Judging by the two posts so far, I'll probably break the rig up into parts. I'll keep everyone posted on the process. Just drop a request for parts that you needand why. ^_^...Thanks guys!


Hey a big congrats man, have ya stopped trembling yet?

Well I could use all but the psu, promised my sons upgrades from their current socket a systems I built em awhile back, belated b-days and xmas catch ups.

Halfway there, have a sock 939 4400+, Epox 9NDA3 + and HIS x1950Pro turbo agp for the younger lad already, think this would perform better for his gaming needs, but still need to come up with something for the older lad.

Think he would be quite happy with these parts, vs his sock A 2800, ddr333, fx5600, 80gb 5400rpm  current.

I am on permanent disabilty due to an industrial accident, so is hard to do everything I'd like to computer wise and otherwise for the boys and often come up short on B-days, xmas and all.

Though there are many other forum members in tight economic straits as well, and are also in need of parts, so anything that would assist in upgrading his rig would be most appreciated. Or nothing at all, I think what you are doing is a really great thing, not many people would do such, much respect Bro.

I would insist on paying shipping, would make me feel a tad less small, there is just something about seeking alms that sticks in a working man's craw.





Congrats on winning the beast!  It's refreshing to see someone so true to their word, but hey, it never hurts to have a second machine around :)


Enjoy it! 

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JeffB wrote:

Congrats on winning the beast!  It's refreshing to see someone so true to their word, but hey, it never hurts to have a second machine around :)


Enjoy it! 

 =D...Thanks man ^_^. I'm so giddy right now I can't even concentrate. I'll be sitting and working on some code avisynth code...but I can't think of anything but the words "Skulltrail"...lol. It's truethat having a second rig is useful, but I have a second machine, a p3 933 rig...It aint fast..But I use it when my pc is out of operation. I also have a dual amd mp 1800+ rig...Although it's out of operation, it just needs a poweful enough psu. Just found a 24 to 20 pin connector so I could use it for a folding machine for hothardware ^.^. But it'll depend on if someone really needs the psu...going to let this thread run then decide what parts go to whom based on their needs. 

 But yea, having a spare rig is nice...But I need to atleast give something back to the community! This skulltrail rig is the biggest blessing I could ask for...I need to at least feel like I've earned it somehow. I love helping people out with the knowledge I've acquired over the years..I do that regardless if there is a contest or not...so I need to pay for it someway 😛.


 I would like the case , i thinking of building a new pc . currently on 6 year old agp athlon system . b4 it fails i would like to get a new pc to help me thru college . ur case will come in handy and save me some money to spend on college .


 all i got is pentium d process with a 350 power supply, i just need a

better video card cause the one i have now is giving me fractured

images and i can't returned it because my 7600 gt was a gift given to

me by friend, i would buy a new card its just can't afford it now.


Congratulations Kamrooz !

 That's a great thing ur doing .. Giving back :)

 I hope u do become a regular and stay as long as I've had :)

 Enjoy ur killer beast :D

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 Thanks bad_boy 😃...I really appreciate it man ^_^. I'll be a regular for life 😛...lol..Pretty much dropping most the forums I visit...Even though it's not as active here as the others, the regular community is definitely worth it ^_^.

BTW guys, I've noticed that a few people have pm'ed me regarding this. If you could, please post in here and not PM me....Once I get the skulltrail rig I'm gonna gut this p4 rig and state what parts go to who...I'll then ship them out that day or the next day....But having all the requests in here would make it a lot easier for me to judge 😛. Thanks guys! Keep the posts coming ^_^.




Congrats Kamrooz!  From the looks of your old rig looks like you could really use the upgrade.  I'm happy that you won that rig.

 You should keep your old rig, and turn it into a HTPC! Honestly I would rather see another person on here thats working on a HTPC rig then get some free parts.  That would be contributing to the community IMO.