Hi, new to the forums, just thought i'd add my rig, my own on going custom build, not the best but it does. I originally built it 16 months ago and had various upgrades since then.

Casebuy A1.01 Mesh Gaming Case (with custom interior metalic black paint)

2x Thermaltake TT-1225 120mm & 1x Akasa 220mm Blue LED Case Fans, 1x Antec Super Cyclone Blower

Lian-Li TR-3 Blue Backlite Fan Controller

Coolermaster Extreme 650W PSU

Asus M2N-E AM2 ATX Motherboard

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 CPU (OC @ 3.3 GHz) - Zalman CNPS 9500 AM2 Heatsink\Fan - Artic Silver 5 Thermal compound. 

Seagate 1TB SATAII, 32MB cache Hard Drive

Asus 9800GT Matrix 512MB PCI-E Graphics Card (612MHz\1512MHz)

8GB Kingston HyperX (4x2GB) DDR2 800Mhz Memory (PC2-6400)


Sony DDU-1615 16x DVD-ROM

Belink 5 Port USB & Belkin USB & Firewire Combo PCI Cards.

Motorola Surfboard & D-Link DI-624+ Wireless Router on Virgin Media 20MB Broadband.

Windows Vista SP1 64-bit Home Premium.

AG Neovo E-W22 22" HD Widescreen Monitor, AG Neovo SPK-01 Speakers, Logitech MX Revolution Wireless Mouse & MX3200 Keyboard, Microsoft Lifecam VX-6000, Epson R340 Printer with CIS system, Epson Perfection 3490 Scanner.

3DMARK06 SCORE: 11267









NEXT UPGRADES: Seagate 1.5TB SATAII HD to run RAID 0, Coolermaster RealPower 1000W PSU, LG Blu-Ray player. Next build might opt for an Intel quad system

 NOTE: Edited pictures from original post


Welcome to the forums!  Nice setup you have there.  I really like the neat cabling, which is something I sadly haven't mastered yet myself.  The only suggestion I would make is to switch to 64-bit so you can take full advantage of your 4GBs of memory.  I've been running 64-Bit Ultimate since it first came out and it's treated me well.


Thanks, yes my 4GB only shows as 3.5GB on Vista 32-bit, think thats its limit for 32-bit OS.


Nice rig man 😃...Regarding your memory. 3.5 is the uppermost barrier for 32 bit operating systems. Mine shows 3.2 even though I have 4 gigs in. =P

Welcome aboard! 😃...Make your self at home ^_^, we got a good community here 😛. I just have to say, the blue lights in your rig are [:P]


Haven't seen that case before... it looks nice and like it has some good airflow. As Jeff side neat cabling and as Kam said welcome!


Thanks all, might have to get Vista 64-bit in the future, might wait until the need for 4GB+ comes along. The lights actually look brighter in the pics then they really are, think the camera just exposed the brightness\colour more. Really need to get a bigger hard drive though, playing more games recently, and they are all 6-9GB install size and its killing my HD space, lol. Yes temps are quite good, apart from the fans the mesh case helps air escape, keeping a tidy case will improve my airflow. CPU temps idle between 26-30 depending on my room temps, goes to high 30's when gaming. My 8800GT Overclocked idles at around 50-52, not sure what max temp is when gaming, i think around the 70 mark.

Will have a browse through the forums, seems like a good place to be if your in to your PC's\gaming\modding.




Crisis Causer

 I like it, I like it.  And w00t, go AMD! 😛


 I lokes mesh, they collect a lot of dust over time, but I like it anyways............[:P]


Yeah my case is similar to the mesh in yours and it does collect quite a bit of dust. Nice work on your rig though. Is that a PCI slot cooler I see? I thought about getting 1 awhile back but heard they were a bit noisey. How do you like yours?

Pam Heinze

 I like the looks of the mesh on that case too.  How is the noise from that giant fan on the side?


yes, it does collect a fair bit of dust. The front and side fans are blowing in to the case, but the mesh is pretty fine so acts as a good filter. I tend to find a circle of dust on the outside of the mesh case then what i actually find inside.

The antec cyclone blower, is pretty good, takes up two pci slots, but thats fine if you can spare them, also has a switch on the back for low medium and high fan speed, mines on high but cant say that its really noise, but is the noisest of all the fans i have.

         Low - Medium - High 

RPM 1500 - 2000 - 2600

CFM  20  -  24.5  -  37.5

dBA  24  -  32.1  -  39


The big Akasa 220mm fan, when i tested it on its own before i installed it, I couldnt hear a thing, runs super quite. Fan speed is only 600rpm, airflow of 95.63CFM, has a rated noise level of 23 dB, because of its size, can cool a larger area over smaller ones that are more directional. Considering all the fans i have, and using a mesh case, so doesnt hold noise in, its not as loud as you would imagine. My 2x Thermaltake TT-1225 120mm fans run @ 1300rpm, 54.4.CFM, 16dB,

I have a fish tank on the other side of the room were my pc is, and that drowns out any noise the pc makes, lol. I tend to use branded fans as the seem to last longer and make less noise. A friend of mine used two cheap 120mm fans in his build and it made a right loud noise.


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thats a nice setup working on getting money to build mine will post it when i do 


Yeah, nice work there, JPP!

That 220mm fan is a beast. That alone with its impressive CFM numbers is justification enough for getting a case with a mesh side. Although I would be a little worried about something s[censored]ing and shorting out the whole system. Nice setup by the way.

Good looking build.