I still haven't gotten a quote back and I made some changes. Depending on the price they give me, they may be doing the cutting or I may be. I wanted to run this sketch by you guys to get some input. This is def not something that will happen over night but I will take plenty of pics as the process goes along. So I am opening the floor for all critics good bad or indifferent!

Something that is not shown in the sketches is that on the side rads I am going to make a bracket so that the fans and rads are not attached directly to the side panel. This way the side panel can be removed but the fans and rads stay in place.

Here's a link to the case I am getting. Lain Li PC-343B I won't be buying it from that site but they have some good pictures of it on there.

 I am debating on whether to get the case painted or not. I have a feeling that would definately stretch the budget to far. We'll see how much grief I get from the fiance as i start purchasing stuff. I will have the extra cash after taxes come back even after the wedding and buying a house and all is said and done. The only thing I can see putting a crimp in the budget is all the wiring I will be doing when we buy a house. But I do have several thousand feet of cable sitting in my basement so I should be fine. Alright enough talking take a look at my sketches. And no making fun of my ms paint drawing skills!

Alright, So MS paint and photobucket don't like me very much tonight. The images came out way small and photobucket won't upload half of them and to top it off I am getting script error messages when I try to post them. So I will post back tomorrow with new drawings and try this again.sorry guys, it's getting late and I am annoyed.

Front view



Cube style cases seem to be gaining popularity and rightfully so as they offer so much more flexibility than towers. Plus the fact that they're big actually gives them a sort of prestige.

Nice case btw... Lian-Li cases are well built and have simple, clean lines which I like!


recoveringknowitall wrote:

Cube style cases seem to be gaining popularity and rightfully so as they offer so much more flexibility than towers. Plus the fact that they're big actually gives them a sort of prestige.

Nice case btw... Lian-Li cases are well built and have simple, clean lines which I like!


Indeed, they are a dream fo water cooling. Plenty of room, and what's nice is if you're going completely overkill, you can use the second segment of the case to mount rads with a flow system. If I was to go way over the top and had so much cash I didn't know what to do with it, I'd compartmentalize the case. This of having 2 pieces of metal that sandwich in about 2-3 tripple 120mm rads, the front and back of the case cut open to allow full air, and have the three rads stacked vertically pulling in air through each radiator...=D..that would be some sick stuff..I'd probably end up just making two compartmentalized areas, with two tripple rads each. One for the CPU, and chipset, and the other for a dual graphics cards 😃..God that would be sexy 😃.. 

Back onto subject, OP, looking forward to the skethces ^_^. Take your time =D


So here they are. Anybody see any possible complications or any idea's on how to make it better.






As for the 4 independant water loops, I plan to have one of the dual rads for gpu's in SLI, 1 of the dual rads for cpu and chipset, 1 of the singles for cooling both hard drives and 1 of the singles for ram. I know it's overkill but I think it will be fun to do. As for the other hardware I have a list of what i picked out but I ma sure it will change before I get the case ready to even put the stuff in.


Sounds like you're planning on doin' BIG thangs nelson... can't wait to see the finished product!

BTW: 1nteljunki3 ~ E6600 @ 4.3ghz... deezam homie!!!


Thanks guys. I get some crazy idea's but always looking for bigger and better idea's so if ya got any fire away.


 Sketch looks great , can't wait to see the real pics of your build.

Der Meister

4 resivors!!! wow! 


 Hi All

Most impressive. I can't wait to see the pictures of your rig when it's done. 


 There's a few of those done with 3 and4 loops over at XS forums, Lian-Li cube is about the only case I like better than my UFO.


really? I hadn't seen any with 3 or 4 loops. So much for being original! Got any links?


 Here ya go...

and here...


or just a beautiful build...





That is truly spectacular!!!

Rather than copy & paste, HERE is a link.


That is really awesome. Unfortunately my case modding skills aren't that good. I really do enjoy it though. I especially like the powder coat and nickel plated look. Maybe I will do some research and see if it is something I could add to this build. I believe there is a way to get the mirror finished look without doing the expensive nickel plating though. If anyone comes across anything on how to accomplish either of these two things let me know.



I think I decided to paint the case after all but I am gonna go with a high gloss black like a clear coat or something to give it like a new car shine. I also want to polish the aluminum on the interior. On a side note I may not be able to get started as soon as I planned. After house hunting Sun me and the boss are putting an offer in on a house which if they agree will require a good faith deposit. So I may have to put 2K for that which I will get back. Although my B-day is coming up in a month followed by father's day so I may be able to get started a little. Atleast get the case and start some cutting and sanding.