Hey Guys what do you think about Shcrodinger's cat? Is'nt the idea of infinite branching multiverse exciting?????? what experiment would you try in order to come up with a clearer example?????
how goes that experiment?

i find thinking about a multiverse verry frustrating, since there are now answers or explanations anymore. I can't stand that :mad:
how do you know anything is real if you cant feel its emotion , it could just be created from your own mind. what im typing now might not even be real
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What is reality anyways??? What we see? hear? smell? our bodies are ill equiped to percive the reality of the universe.....if there's such a place......or maybe is the way our bodies make sense of it all.....
what is the experiment, is it so famous everybodu knows it ??

seems like it?

anyway, i think its easier to believe that there is no universe wath so ever in stead off multiple. Actually no universe at all seems the most logical to me, it resolves a lot off questions.

how big is the universe? --> there isnt one
how old is it --> it hasnt even started
why do we live --> we dont, only my imagination exist, although even that isnt sure
Well, we could all say anything is true. But who is true ??? My imagination or yours ??? Are you real or are you just my imagination??? Or Am I your imagination ???
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The Matrix

does chicken really taste like chicken?
Hey guys!!!!!! great thinking! I like a place where people have an open mind and are not willing to accept the facts of everyday life at face value!!!!!! I think you guys are a very special group of people!! Rock on dudes!!!!!!! see ya around the post!!!!

a remark; there are 2 visions off multiverses

1) different universes ''living'' parallel to another
2) different stages of ''time'' but from one universe. Like a strip or a cartoon, or a movie if you like. We ''jumps'' from one stage to another. Although this is an a-logic vision, it could allow time-travelling.

1) and 2) could be combined.

another question could be ifwether the strip/movie of stages makes a loop (hehe i like this thought) .
is there one (---> predetermint) movie we ''have'' to go trough? Or is the next pic/stage not yet decided. Maybe there are endless possible next stages co-existing and our ''soul'' cloons and split up every stage to live another next stage.
Very Good I see you've researched the matter a bit! Im impressed....the only thing I'd change about the post is that instead of "paralell" universe I'd used "branching" much like the branching you'd observe on a tree with every branch being a possible consequence to the same action. Pompoen....very good follow up on the question! Keep up the good work and never stop expanding your mind......
[COLOR=darkred]how goes the cat-experiment ?
hhhhm what means Schrodinger ??? Oh look my sig
Ok guys here's the condensed explanation of the cat experiment.... Firs let me quick try to expalin the nature of quantum reality......The Bohr model for the atom is in fact an incomplete simplified explanation of what the atom is supposed to be nobody knows what atoms are really like...we know what they are like when we observe them but we have no idea what they do or what they are when we are not looking......let me expain a little so you understan what i mean....For us to see atom we rely on Photons (light) to observe them....Photoms are particle (and in some cases waves depending on whether we are mesuring momentum of location of the particle/wave). we see by using light wich penetrates our eyes where its converted to electrical impulses sent our brains and interpreted. The photons we use to see the atomos or any equipment used to observe the atoms affect the atoms momentum and composition because the particles (photons colide with the components of the atom so in a sense we become part of the atoms reality just by observing them. Guys there's a lot more to this short explanation but here goes the experiment.........The Cat is in a box, inside the box there's a capsule with poison that when released will kill the cat......the mechanism to break the capsule has being rigged so that there's only a 50% cahnce of the capsule breaking. Now we go and activate the mechanism.....Until we actually observe the inside of the box the cat is both dead and alive because there's a 50% cahnce of the capsule breaking......Now when we do open the box we see a dead that instant your reality branches out in two and you (the observer also exist in a world where the cat survived. The implications of this theory are huge...and there's a lot more to it than the few words explained here......there are actual mathematical calculations that permit this theory....There's a lot more more to the world of quantum reality and I hope I havent confused anyone with explanation.......I hope this helps ......