I want to get a Scythe Infinity and put a second fan on it for a push pull config using 2 yate loon 120mm 1350rpm fans at low speed.  My motherboard (asus nforce 570) has an option to reduce the fan speeds in the Bios.  I currently have it set on the lowest setting, and the Yate Loon fans that I have in there now run at about 850rpm. I have 2 fans connected to the motherboard headers, exhaust and the CPU.  They both run at similar speeds, but not at the exact same speed, and the CPU fan ramps up to double the speed for a few seconds every now and then.  This is according to ASUS probe software.

So I figure I have 2 options

1.  Connect one fan to the CPU header, and the other to the case fan header on the motherboard

2.  Buy a splitter and run both fans off of the CPU header

I found a splitter here, but in the description it says "the user should excercise caution when hooking up higher powered fans as

the motherboard headers usually have a limited current capacity."  The fans that I am using are rated at Operation Voltage: 6.5~13.8 Volts and Input current: 0.30 Amp Max.  I don't think it would be a problem because they are low speed fans, but then again I'm not sure so I figure I would ask.


Why not connect them to the PSU with a speed controller in between... like a 5.25" bay panel controller?

Either something cheap like THIS or something more elaborate like THIS

BTW: Haven't seen you in the forums much lately... what gives?


Because I don't want to use a fan controller.  I would end up spending way too much time adjusting the fans.  I'm just that type of person that it would drive me nuts.  Besides I don't really have a drive bay for one.  Only 3 drive bays opens on my Antec 900, and 2 are filled with Optical drives, and I have cables shoved in the third.

I ahven't been in the forums too much, well due to life.  I'm single now so I'm dating, and that eats up way too much time.  I'm finally getting some of my projects done.  I've been building a few rigs for family and friends.  And I have been watching way too much fansub anime, but I love anime so screw it.  I drop in every now and then, just not everyday. 

 NOTE: about the dating thing.  It would be nice to find a nice girl, but it seems that all the women I'm meeting are F-ing crazy, or juat plain weird.  Generally hot though.


 Last time Ichecked with a MoBo vendor, most if not all fan headers are limited to 6 watts (0,5 amps) so you'll need to be careful when using a splitter with dual fans. If you're not wanting to use a controller, your only other option would be to use 2 seperate headers, make sure to use 2 with RPM monitoring/speed control if you need that feature. Most MoBo's these days have more than enough heaters around the CPU socket area to do what you're looking at without running fan wires all over the board.


My recommendation would be to use an adjustable cooling fan that will will use a molex connector as well as a 3 pin so that you have the option to connect to either, while being able to use a low fan speed.  Antec has their Tri-cool series that have a switch that allows you to select between 3 different settings to fit your needs of cooling performance, quiet operation, or a mix of the two.


 Well the fans run at .3 amps max, so that would be .6 total, which is over the limit.  I don't want to use molex connectors because that would look like crap as far as cable management goes. 

If I use the second header on the motherboard that is controlable then I'll have to connect my rear exhuast to something else.  Currently I'm using a Yate Loon that normally runs at 1350rpm, but the speed is reduced to 850rpm.  So I have 3 options with that.

1.  connect the yate loon to a molex on 5 volt

2.  buy a new fan that runs by default at a slower speed 

3.  buy one of those little volt changers, but I usually only see them in 9volt but I already have a 7 volt one. 

That sucks, I wanted to at least try out the splitter, but I don't want to damage my mobo so. 



 You could always contact the maker of your MoBo (support) and ask them exactly what the limits of your MoBo fan headers actually are, I'm sure that they can't all be the same, at least I wouldn't think.


Only problem with emailing them is that it may take a few days for them to get back to you. 


 I'll do that.  Its going to be a few days until I order the cooler anyways, and who know when I'll get around to installing it.


Just thought I'd mention: I have a 900 too and wouldn't want a bay controller simply because I think it would look wack! lol