Everybody seems to have their favorite TIM, they like for one reason or the other.  I will start by saying that I use Arctic Cooling  MX-2 and have found it to be one of the best materials out there. It is non-conductive and non-capacitive so it is very safe to use and has fantastic heat transfer properties. I have used most brands out there and think that Liquid Metal Pro does an even better job but the negatives outweigh the positives.

So what is your favorite TIM and why?


Don't have a favorite as of now, but since I had to disassemble my whole PC to RMA the board I'm in the market for some. MX-2 huh... I'll look into that. I like the basic stuff that came with my Zalman 9500. It was easy to work with because being that it's a paste and not viscous I didn't have to worry about in running all over. My temps are decent with it on my E6600 @ 3ghz ~ 29-33c idle, 46c max under load.

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I have used ARCTIC ALUMINA exclusively for years now and have had great results. The stuff is inexpensive, conducts heat well,  and is a pure electrical

insulator, neither electrically conductive nor capacitive. While others may prefer the more expensive ARCTIC SIVLER, keep in mind that with Arctic Silver there is still a chance of a short. Their website mentions 'While it is not electrically conductive, the compound

is very slightly capacitive and could potentially cause problems

if it bridges two close-proximity electrical paths'.


MX-2 is a flavor of Shin-Etsu X23 and is very easy to work with. Just put a "Large BB" sixed dab on the center of the cpu, twist 1-2 degrees and tighten down. I recommend using a "mm ruler" to measure the distance from the hold down plate to the top of the knurled nut to get an even torque on all bolts.  


I don't know if my application method is advisable per say, but it seemed to work for me.

I used paper tape to mask a small square in the center of the IHS, applied a small pea of paste, pressed it down & smoothed it out with an old credit card, removed the tape and finally clamped my 9500 down on it.


 Here is a very good thread on TIMs.


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Here is my preferred method to apply thermal paste: Put a very small amount of thermal paste on the core of the processor and use the curve of a paper clip to spread the paste on the core. The goal is to spread it evenly and as thinly as possible. You only want a skim-coat! If you put too much thermal paste on the core it will just be s[censored]zed-out when you install the heatsink, creating a big mess. If your CPU has other components located next to the core and the thermal paste is s[censored]zed-out on top of them it would not be a good thing...especially if the thermal paste is electrically conductive.

I think I'm finally going to go for that Arctic MX-2 compound next time. Looks damn good....I always searched for it on newegg but never found it...Gave another search and it's their...this entire time, when searching for Arctic products, I always typed "Arctic Silver"..DAMNIT!. stupid I kept on missing it >_<.

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 articsilver, ti works well with small applications of it. Runs well on my set up


Der Meister wrote:

 articsilver, ti works well with small applications of it. Runs well on my set up

That's what I got right now...I have a tuniq tower on my 3.2 prescott. Folding atm, so full load is 52C...damn cool IMO for a 3.2 But it's DAMN COLD right now...jesus, I have a blanket over me and I'm shivering. only 18 more hours to go before I get my first wu under HotHardware..w00t!..go go 3.2 prescott powa!

The one thing I love about this rig, is it can definitely warm up my room when I need it, but today, it's just too damn 

Arctic Silver Céramique is all I've been using for years, I stick with what works well for my needs.

My mobo's out for RMA so I decided to get some new TIM to have on deck when my replacement arrives. After doing my homework I decided to give Zalman STG1 a try... it's supposed to be as good as, if not better than Silver 5 and Ceram, but we'll have to see. I'll post my results. With the standard paste that came with my Zalman 9500 my temps on an E6600 @ 3ghz were: 29-33c idle, max of 46c under load.

Der Meister

^thats about what i get at 


Gee... thanks for rubbing my nose in your thermal grease! lol


Hi All,

Arctic Silver 5 is the TIM I use.