I have both the TomTom one LE 3rd edition and Garmin nuvi 200. I never owned a GPS system before. I hear Garmin is better, but I also read that the TomTom is a good brand. I'm trying to decide which one to keep and which one to sell. I need your opinions on which is a better GPS system overall.  I noticed that the Garmins graphics is nicer but I really don't care about that all that much. I also noticed that the TomTom has maps for Canada and the Garmin doesn't.  I was told that the garmin has more point of interest if that makes any sense.  Anything that you guys can add would be helpful to a newbi for GPS's 

i would say go with garmin, but that's just because knoppix will interface with it natively.

Hi All,

I can remember when I thought GPS where nothing more than a glorified compass. Was I ever wrong about that.


Garmin seems to be the best one to go for, but Tom Tom has come a long way as well.  I have a friend that owns an older Garmin and he LOVES his.  I don't know anyone that owns a Tom Tom GPS, but I have heard a lot of great things about them and how good they are as well.  I would really be torn choosing between the two myself.  For me though I would look into the features that YOU want and/or need in the GPS and then base your final decision on that.  Both GPS's you listed have got some great reviews and I don't think you would go wrong with either one.  Look up some reviews on each and then find out what features each has that you want to use or need and then go with your gut feeling because I don't think between the two you could go wrong.

My wife use to work for a place that sold GPS's and she has said they had a lot of happy customers with Tom Tom and as well and of course also with Garmin.  My wife was actually the one that tuned me in on the Tom Tom being an excellent brand as well right up there with Garmin.  I use to think of Tom Tom as some off brand, but not anymore.


Get a mobile phone with gps,like Nokia N95 and install 3rd party gps software on it


 I ended up with the nuvi200. I wished it came with canada map as well. The Tomtom one has that option. Someone did a comparison for both the nuvi200 and tomtom one, and overall the garmin was a better bet. 


 The funny thing is I just bought the nokia N82. So, technoloy I have 2 GPS systems. I wonder how good the N82 gps works. (damn I know I spelled that work wrong so please correct me. For some stupid reason I can't spell that word).

 I was wondering since the GPS is already installed with the phone, does it cost money to upgrade with more maps?


Do cellphone GPS programs use cellular data service?  I have a windows mobile 6 cellphone, and no data plan.  I really don't want to pay a ton of money because I have experimented with a GPS system.