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I heard on the news today that this is Cyber Monday: the busiest shopping day for e-tailers. I also received in my inbox an email from NewEgg offering 20% off if I used PayPal. Good deal! So I pointed my web browser to NewEgg to purchase that new hard drive for my laptop that I have been wanting so badly. Sorry to say, NewEgg's website choked! Too bad...for THEM (I'll just have to keep my money)! Anyone else experience any web problems this evening?

Dude get an, External Enclosure, i got one for my laptop put in a 500g hdd and i'm enjoying it. the one that i got is the Antec MX-100. and I love it!


Theres no point in him getting a 3.5" external if lets say hes always on the road with his laptop.  It's annoying to carry my new 500gb external because of its weight and I need an outlet.  Sure if he uses his laptop at home a lot, but its not practical for travel use.  Maybe a laptop external... 


Back to cyber moday, when i clicked the link that said you could use paypal, it gave me a list of products.  Now could you only buy those products and get the 20% off discount? 


I Recently upgraded My Laptops HDD.. Got myself a new Hitachi Travelstar 200GB 7200RPM 2.5" to replace my 200GB 4200Rpm Fujitsu drive... well I also bougtht a 2.5" External USB 2.0 & eSATA Enclosure.. That's the new home for the slower Fujitsu HDD 🙂 ... And I carry it around on my Laptop's Back Pack..


Dude the point of having an external enclosure is to put the mp3's or software that are big in space. and ease up your actual hdd. Sometimes laptop HDD are more expensive and for what? higher rpm? for me is not worth it. and carrying and external enclosure unless you have a hugemonguz one is not a hazzle. because you already most have a bag to carry a laptop in the first place.