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how many 5.25, 3.5, and how many other drives can the Abit KG7-RAID MOBO hold i'm trying to find a good case but i can't find that info could someone plz help.

so overall how many drives can the ABIT KG7-RAID take
It can utilize 8 IDE devies and 2 floppy devices. If you are planning on utilizing most of those slots you prolly want to get a full tower, cuz it can get mighty crowded with cables.
I have an Antec SX1030 and love it. I run 2 scsi hard drives (3.5"), 1 floppy (3.5"), 2 ide drives (5.25") and have tons of room to spare. I could add at least 2 more 3.5" drives and two more 5.25". The case is well built and has very good airflow - 2 80mm intake fans and 2 80 mm exhaust fans. It is a dream to work in (I had an Asus P3C-E and that is no small MSI is about 2/3 the size) even though it doesn't have a removable motherboard tray and requires no tools to get inside. Keep in mind though this case weighs a ton and wouldn't be much fun to take to lan parties. Good luck!!


The only thing I changed is the PSU. I now run a 400 watt Antec (403x) as I have tons of fans, drives, and a power hungry Athlon. The SX1040 comes standard with that PSU and all the other features of the SX1030. Go to for more info.

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Yep, I got that case too, its really nice. I removed the fan slot in the HD bay though so I could put the HD's further in the case and cause less interference with the IDE conectors on the board. I'm thinking of getting one of those 80mm fans from that puts through 60 cfm or something like that. And I think my case is loud now.