Hey, the other day I was playing music with my laptop and all of a sudden it cuts off. Then every time i try to start it up again, It stays at a black screen. Its illuminated, it just wont post or show anything. I can hear all the parts moving. I tried: -removing the battery and replacing it, and then tried starting it up again with no battery and just a power cord. -I tried reseating the RAM in all combinations Have any ideas? I hope it not the Hard drive, i will test that later (alot of important info on that thing, im stupid for not backing up.) I was thinking maybe it was the RAM. One detail i should mention, I live in Italy and was using a converter for it. It worked fine for a very long time before. I wa thinking possibly it may have short ciruited a component or two. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. (haha i cant call back home due to no voip phone
Well i hooked it up to a monitor today and now I can get to the windows loading screen, but the backround shows a bunch of blue squares like checkers and after it gets to that screen the monitor turns off. I'm thinking it may be the motherboard going bad. Because I could get to windows in safe mode, but it was extremely slow and the device manager said I had all the correct components with no errors. Hmmmmmm :4-dontkno i will try taking all the parts inside and reinserting them.

It sounds like a Video Card problem to me...

 Did you try overclocking ur video card recently? or Did you try Disassembling ur laptop?

 Is your laptop overheating?


I was thinking that too. The only reason i thought it was the motherboard was because the sound wasnt working either. I have never overclocked it before and only tried dissasembling it after the problem started. It does tend to get hot but thats not long periods of time. I was also thinking that when i got do a Dell Diagnostic check from the BIOS it said there was an error with the video memory. hmmmmmm you think that would cause all these problems? thanks for your help so far