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Here's a treat for gamers, and possibly a trick for gaming systems, as Epic and Midway announce that yet another DX10 title, Unreal Tournament 3 has gone gold.

Midway and Epic today announced that Unreal Tournament 3 has gone to gold master for the PC. Developed by the team behind the critically acclaimed video game Gears of War, Unreal Tournament 3 is currently scheduled to ship in North America on November 19th for the PC with a suggested retail price of $49.95 and $59.95 for the collector’s edition. The PlayStation®3 version will follow soon. Unreal Tournament fans can get a taste of the compelling first person shooter by checking out the single-player trailer, or downloading the beta demo.

Additional info: Europe will get UT3 on November 22nd.

Marco C
There goes my productivity! When the last UT came out, I would leave work early to go an play. I gave the demo a shot, and felt like I was in a timewarp. Gonna be a fun holoday season!
Yeah, I loved the demo. It feels alot like UT2k4, but with better graphics and physics. I was most pleased by the option to enable hardware physics. And, as always, the bots are top notch.
Anyone seen a Direct X 9/10 comparison anywhere in screens and performance?

Try playing with at least 10 bots on Godlike... this is how I've been practicing between matches with human palyers online!

Wow, if you can beat or even hold up against the Godlike bots, you'll dominate in multiplayer.

It's practice and as it stands I usually end up ranking in the lower 30%(against the godlike bots), but I'm gettin better.


Hey guys.. I've been playing the Beta Demo on my laptop too.. And I'm very impressed, Can't wait till I get my Copy.. I Pre-Order The Collectors Edition and also the CoD4 Collectors Edition through So Hopefully I'll have them In my Hands As soon as they're for sale 😃..

UT3 actually reminds me the most to the First UT, I think it's not as fast paced as UT2004, and the weapons do make alot of damage... The Graphics are great, and I know the game will run & look even better when the final version is out, I remember the first time I got my hands on the Beta for UT2003, the game was laggy on my computer back then, but when the Final version came out it ran Smoothly 😃..

 Call Of Duty 4 also looks great 😃...

 As for DirectX10, I'm still avoiding Vista at least till SP2 or SP3...

PS: I upgraded my laptop to be able to play UT3 and CoD4 properly :)


I'm enjoying the demo, but every few days when i start it up it tells me my ini files are old and need updating and then changes me back to the default settings for the game. I haven't dared try running with bots on godlike yet. But I'm familiarized my self with the 2 deathmatch maps and the vehicle ctf, although I prefer regular ctf and assault..