Thunder Chunks

 A managed to play it through with all settings on medium and zero AA. It was good but didnt seem to have the same impact the CoD4 demo had. The suit is really well balanced and leads to some great on the fly tactics. Thoroughly enjoyed it but that new GPU is getting ever more pressing.


You liked COD4 that much huh?

I thought that aside from very good GFX the gameplay was run-o-the-mill and lackluster, but that's probably because I've never really been interested in war games in general.


There is no need to run FRAPS or any other program. Go over to your Crytek folder (Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis SP Demo\Bin32) and there are two benchmark tests to run.


Nice! Thanx 4 pointing that out!!!


Der Meister

done some system tweaking PO'ed the gtx a tad as well as put the CPU up too 3.3ghz and still no dice with full high settings with getting over 30fps all the time.   I hope some optimization comes out for the 64 bit and the end release.  


I'll probably end up running the game @ 1360 x 768 on my HDTV which will undoubtedly run at a higher framerate than 1680 x 1050. I just pre-ordered the collectors edition from newegg which includes all the useless crap you'd expect and a blingy box!!! [ip]