Get it while its hot! 

Thunder Chunks

Cheers Enter, didnt think this would be available for a while now.

Der Meister

good looking out i have it downloaded now all i have to do is get through 4hrs of class till i play it. 

Thunder Chunks

 UT demo has also just been released. Great day for gaming.


Got the UT demo just now... will update with my impressions later!!!



Both are so rad I don't know really where to start.  COD4 has such awesome cinematic moments.  UT3 is like UT99 (the best version of UT in my opinion) which makes me so, so happy =] 


Unreal is nuts, I just finished winning 3 matches in a row... only about 8-9 people on that server though. Lots of good spamming weapons and a frantic pace make it very noob friendly.

I'm downloading COD4 right now!


CoD4 is AMAZING!  I also played the F.E.A.R. PM demo and Im installing the UT3 demo right now! 

Thunder Chunks

 I would have been playing both however my better half unplugged my wifi just before they finished downloading to plug in her hair straighteners:( The perils of marriage!


That sux. By the way I noticed you on a Team Fortress 2 server yesterday, but opted to join a more populated server... next time I hope we can play together.

P.S. I swear I didn't bail so you wouldn't see how lousy I am... lol!!! [;)]

Thunder Chunks

 No probs, it was a bit thin on the ground. Didnt look like you were doing to badly anyway[:)]


BTW: What do you think of the game? It's pretty addictive to me... so much so that I kinda stoppped playin quake wars to play it!

Thunder Chunks

I genuinely have not enjoyed a game so much for years. The character balance is spot on and for once I dont just want to play as the sniper. Doesnt matter who you spawn as you have a fair chance of racking up a decent score. The game speed is perfect as well. The server we were on the other night had a couple of great team leaders later on and once the correct balance of units appeared the game simply roared along with Heavies leading the charge, followed by supporting medics and flanking spys and soldiers. Taking out half a dozen defense turrets is a challenge in itself. The graphics are great as well, it doesnt hurt to have a break from the constant barrage of WWII or post apocalypse imagery that seems to be the staple of most FPS these days. For the 20 notes I payed for it I havent seen such value for money for a long time.


Retrying the CoD demo as we speak. It has a long way to go to beat  TF2s pure playability. 


Nice review Thunder! I agree wholeheartedly with your take especially regarding balance and speed. Conceptually this game is truly revolutionary respectively to it's genre and artistically it's brilliant!!! I've never been a very good sniper, but I really like the 1 in this game. It's great how he also has the machine pistol for close quarters... I switch to it when in hallways, etc. As for the pyro: enemies say fire, fire, fire, I say fun, fun, fun! Level design is awesome as there are dynamics in each level that are condusive to the success of any class. Finally I must resonate your comment on the GFX by saying change is good and while monotony may be "safe", it get's boring quickly!

BTW: My favorite class is pyro in case you didn't guess(unlocked: set 5 enemies on fire in 30 seconds yesterday), what's yours? 

PS: Sorry for hijacking your thread enter!

Thunder Chunks

 Got to be the engineer or heavy.

As for the CoD4 demo, its fantastic! Going to have to upgrade my GPU to get it running at max but even my 7900GT gives a playable frame rate at high settings. Securing that tank is mind blowing and the rag doll physics are some of the best Ive come across. Cant wait for the multiplayer.


The real time damage to buildings is easily overlooked until you see a 762 round over penetrate an external wall and go flying past your head! The lighting is especially effective. Great Demo 





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