The Pixelator

 Hi there,

I'm looking to buy a new PC system ASAP. I'm willing to spend about $600 AUD on this system, and would like to buy a bunch of my hardware second hand. I'm looking for a Video card, a CPU, a Motherboard and some RAM (preferably 2GB). This system is going to be used for gaming. I'm not fussed about hardcore graphics, I just want to be able to run new games and not have to upgrade for a while now.

 Does anyone have any advice on where I can get some hardware for my system? Again, I would like to keep it under $600 AUD.

Marco C

If you'd like to buy second hand hardware, definitely check out eBay.  For $600 AUD, however, you could build a decent system, epsecially if you don't want a high-end graphics card.

The Pixelator

eBay isn't any good for computer stuff. I'm looking for some cheap stuff, and I mean not like eBay. I decided on a list of stuff which I would like, capped at approx $550 AUD retail, but I want to get this as low as possible. Thanks for the help though.