I am looking at getting a new piece of gaming equiment, to add to my
room 😛 (yes i have a gaming room :P) and i was wondering if any of you
know which is best to get, the PS3 or the Xbox?

So yeah what do you guys think?



360 has more games and better ones @ that, but the PS3 is building steam + has blu-ray playback!

Thunder Chunks

 Im holding out for a PS3 at the mo. Going to wait till Home comes out then decide. Xbox 360 has the games at the mo though. Ps3 should win long term.


I own both consoles and the XBOX360 is the better console for pure gaming, game for game its graphics are superior and theres a truckload of demos at hand. The XBOX360 has had a head start so more and more titles will hit the ps3 but even still the XBOX graphics chip is superior to the PS3 the only advantage on the PS3 is the Blu ray and built in wifi and the arrival of the much anticipated only PS3 titles Grand Tourismo 5 ant MGS4.


It's real hard to say.  They're both getting some really good games- Halo for 360,  MGS4, final fantasy, and Killzone for PS3. The thing is, both consoles started off with some really shoddy titles.  Like extremely boring games.  Now it's  finally getting interesting!  I hope to eventually own both, haha.  For now the 360 is great. 


 360 with xbox live.


I would take the 360 for the simple fact that its a more mature system -- i.e. more bugs worked out. Also for the fact that Xbox live is, again, much much more mature than the playstation counterpart.

I am not sure if Playstation has this or not but I also LOVE the fact that you can pretty much play ANY game title as a Demo -- I use it to help me decide whether or not I actually want to buy a title or not. I mean hey, $60 isn't cheap.


In the end it all depends on whether or not you want a GOOD gaming system with some media options (Xbox)  or a decent gaming system with a lot of media capabilities (PS3). If they'd drop in price at all I would definately take the PS3 just for the blu-ray player

Der Meister

 I like the PS3 over the Xbox simply becasue you don't have to pay $ for the PSN vs. Xbox live. They each enable you the play most of the games as demos first, the Xbox has better games for it at the moment but, the PS3 will get more support in due time. I have a PS3


Der Meister wrote:

They each enable you the play most of the games as demos first

So you CAN play demos hmm?? Neat-O [:)]

Anyway like I said I would definately take a PS3 if they weren't so gosh darn spendy....get to sub $400 and I will pry get one though....

Der Meister

yea, most of the bigger games have demos you can DL and play. i got mine when it was $500


And you will find there is a truckload of demos with the XBOX360, there is always new demos coming on the XBOX360 too and you will find the demos on the PS3 are a great deal smaller and even the ones that come are far and few. Like is said earlier too this is an unbiased opinion as I have both consoles I understand the XBOX360 has been here longer but regardless I see it beeing the choice console not just for me but for most out there as its the better Gamers console for this generation of consoles.