I am having nothing but performance issues with Vista. I have a dual core proc along with 2 gigs of ram and 2 8800 640 gts cards running in sli....what am I doing wrong? XP OS had much better performance.....and memory usage is about the same.


I'm totally an advocate of XP, so IMO you should just ditch Vista for now. In another 3-6 mos. when SP1 is available I'll make the switch!

Marco C

Provided there's nothing actually wrong with your installation, there are quite a few things you can do to bring your Vista machine's performance up to, or close to XP's...

1) Install the latest DirectX redist.  This won't show up on Windows Update, but is important for Vista gaming.

2) Make sure you have these updates installed:

3) Use NVIDIA's latest drivers.  They address many Vista / SLI related features:

Do all that, and your Vista machine's gaming performance will be as close as it can be as of today.  By the time SP1 rolls out, I expect Vista will be on parity, but for now I think its great.  Been using 64-bit Vista for a few months and have had almost no issues.


Your best bet is really just waiting for Vista and drivers for it to mature more. XP had the added benefit of many existing drivers from Windows 2000. If you're serious about performance and want as much as you can s[censored]ze out of your hardware there is no reason to not use XP atm. Even HotHardware's new SLI article shows XP is still significantly faster with current drivers.