Only a day away -- I know a few places in the area that will have it available at midnight tonight. Not quite sure if I am going to grab it or not tonight.....but i can say that I am PUMPED. [:)]

Why? Mostly for the HD and story conclusion -- secondly because I am just a Halo fan, plain and simple



Right on!  I'm going to pick mine up tomorrow as well.  Had it pre-ordered for quite some time now.

It's amazing how popular that game has gotten.  I don't exactly understand why but none the less it's still a kickass game!


I've never been a big Halo fan. 


I read somewhere that the game will make more in this initial week than the top 3 highest revenue movies of the year together will gross....gotta tell ya there are a lot of 'lo fans out there [:)]

Enter and Jerk, I am sure I will see ya both on live in halo -- maybe we can finally game together hmm? Haha, I just remembered how I brought up that we should have a HH halo clan last year....thoughts? [8-|]


mentaldisorder wrote:

I've never been a big Halo fan.


Me neither, but this 1 loox great!


I took yesterday off and some buddies and I went up to Gamestop at Midnight on Monday. TONS of people!

The game is nothing short of amazing! It blows every other installment out of the water. I'm about 3/4 thru it already. The graphics, the sound, the gameplay...everything is just great! It rivals Bioshock in the sound dept if you need a comparison.

Haven't played much online but I loved it when I had the beta. I'll be on there after I finish the single player!  


entermymatrix03 wrote:

Haven't played much online but I loved it when I had the beta. I'll be on there after I finish the single player!  

Ditto, I want to see how the story plays out.

Another note, when i went to BBY at about noon the day after the halo release it was like a circus! There was stocks of halo litlerally in every main isle of the store; stacked below it were these black "limited edition" boxes that I am not sure if they were 360s or what....needless to say they had quite a huge amount of overstock all over the place; never ran out of stock or even close


I bought Halo 3 and played the campaign for an hour and a half the other night, and I must say, if the story doesn't pick up soon, I will be very disappointed. (I'm at the part where MC has to get to the town of Voi)


I don't own Halo 3, but have seen alot of it in action and since a comparison to Bioshock was made I had to chime in. The sound may be better in some ways, but IMO it will be a long while before a game comes out that blows BioShock away I feel Bio is truly awesome in every way... just my 2!!!

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