...World in Conflict yet?

I got my copy yesterday and it is truly awesome IMO. I'm running it DX9 @ 1680 x 1050 with all settings maxed and 16xAA + 16xAF with the 30 fps cap enabled to keep the framerate steady. The framerate doesn't quite deadlock @ 30, but pretty damn close and it runs superbly!!!



Even if you're not that into RTS, this title is a must have IMO... it's that good!!!

Super Dave

It is an awesome game, R-K-I-A. My son picked it up and likes it very much, and his old AGP system slays it! His specs: Shuttle AN35N-Ultra (IDE HD...NOT SATA), Athlon XP3200 underclocked, 1GB (2 X 512MB) PC3200 RAM in dual-channel underclocked, 1024 X 768 native resolution on a 17" KDS monitor with detail set to the max, XFX Nvidia 7800 GS AGP. I underclocked the FSB because he was getting blue screens. Default is 400, but I have it underclocked @ 380. I believe the memory is marginal, and there have been no blue screens since we underclocked it. If he wants to buy more memory then that is his choice. But his old system still handles everything he throws at it! Great game.

Thunder Chunks

 Comes out on the 21st over here so Im getting it tomorrow. Cant wait. The multiplayer is supposed to be awesome.


Thunder Chunks wrote:

The multiplayer is supposed to be awesome.


You can take that 2 the bank!