Hi Guys hope u can help me..

My bro who knows zippo about comps rang me and said his comp was just shutting down for no reason,i finally got him to clean his case out when he told me there was a mass of dust blocking all the fins on his heatsink,he removed heatsink to clean the dust off and bought some thermal paste and put heatsink back on.His comp will now only stay on for a few minutes before it shuts down again.

Sorry i cant give you more details but we live 200 miles apart and i cannot get to his house at this time.I did ask him to download some sort of temp monitor for his mobo but he does not know what mobo he as.Any ideas would be a great help.



Download Speedfan and check out the temperatures. Also make sure all the fans are running when you turn on the machine. My guess is that the machine is overheating. It may also be a power supply issue but that is less likely.


machine has been cleaned of dust and is shutting down after a short time online,when he's tries restarting only the fans in the case start....someone has told me that the mobo is most likely the culprit,if the cpu was no good it would not boot at all,if the PSU was at fault the fans would not work n the rig would def not start..herego the mobo is at fault..


If only the case fans start it is the CPU that is overheating making the machine shut down. 

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