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Hey guys,

I know some of you have worked on enterprise class storage and backup systems, so, how would you go about backing up 3TB (which is rapidly expanding, just added a new 6.5TB san tray) of semi static data? The big problem being it has to be instantly available so no archive to taping or jukeboxes.

Currently it's done onto a 60slot tape library with 6 LTO3 drives in(which also serves the other san attached servers), with a full backup starting on a friday night taking ~40hrs due to the number of files and the fact that they don't compress so well. Then a diff backup is run every week night normally thats only a 300MB file location database, unless the application's cache volume is full inwhich case it's archived to this server ~ 350GB. Now when that 350GB hits, it has a slight impact on the other jobs.

One suggestion I have had is to get an EMC CAS system or mirror the san. Now the san is an EMC CX500 with 6 disk trays (4 sata, 2 FC), so I'll check under my desk but I don't think I've got the change to get a 2nd one......

Any of you had experience of anything like this?

Yes and no, Have 1TB daily changes to our production database which is approx 45-50TB is size. Been doing snapshots to a live disk storage library which mimics tape but is hundreds of times faster to restore, using a Quantum disk based system. Currently on a Dxi5500, because that Database isn't the only thing being backed up by that system.

 The Quantum disk based backup systems can restore up to 10TB per hour without compression on some of the higher priced models. Not sure if its in/out of your price range as I wasn't involved in the purchase just the planning.