i jus built a new rig ,and installed the OS, and started installing all programs. wel that lasted bout 6-8 hours . then next day or so started shutting down i ve taken to repair shop and they say it worked jus fine. i was foolishly bought a PSU without having really did a lot of research and them and got a cheap-o coolmax, and this is what i think that my problem may be. wawhat would make it randomly shutdown? not restart. and when i do turn it back on, it won't stay on for long at all. it seems to get quicker and quickier that it shutsdown...if i dont let it sit for a while.

the PSU is a Coolmax 400w.

Der Meister

you might be maxing out the 400w psu which would mean every time the CPU/GPU goes under load the more juice its going to need and then your system would crash. i would have gone with a 550w or higher for your rig. 


Sounds to me like it could be an overheating CPU.  Let it cool down a while, then boot and jump into the BIOS and watch your CPU temp.  Does it climb?  What is it normally on that machine?  Definitely sounds like something is overheating and cutting out.  Yes, the PSU is a bit small, but I'm not entirely convinced that's the issue.  But then again, I am not convinced that it isn't.  Either way, I would spring for a better, bigger PSU for sure.

thanks alot,i belive i will go buy 750W. Any good relieable, gamer-in-mind company that u'd recommend?? heard of seasonic,FPSgroup, what about OCZ+Cosair? DER- is there a person on this site you haven't help??
thanks Jeff, my temps are never over than 40 for the CPU,or MEM. My GPU get bit hot under high loads, when the computer stays on[which is very short and getting shorter] so thinking its not thermal issues.

Hi guys, im new to this forum, finally i found someone having a similar problem with me. My problem are identical with "always".

Here my story goes, previously my desktop was topple over by my 3 years old son and after a while this problem start to happen. Based from all the feedback that i have received it could be due to PSU or Mobo. So ive changed first my PSU from 480watt to 600watt and to my dismay, problem still exist. So i suspect it could be due to bad mobo due to the impact. Today, ive finally decided to upgrade my desktop. So i go and buy new motherboard, new processor, new vid card and new ram while using current PSU (600 watt), harddrive (Western Digital) and DVD read/write. After, install and plug-in all the devices to my surprise the problem still exist!! The PC start for 1 secs and then it went down again it need me to shutdown the power to PSU and try again and same problem.

Guys, i need your advise/experience to help me overcome this problem. What is the actual problem? could it be the button on/off? or as per my friend said some setting on the mobo itself since its a new mobo. Anyway below is my PC spec :

ATHLON X2 64bit 6000+ 3.0Ghz Dual Core (Processor) New
Asus M2A-VM / HDMI (motherboard) New
Kingston Performance memory PC-6400 DDR2-800 2Gb (RAM) New
MSI NX8500GT DDR2 DX10 (Video Card) New
ICUTE ATX 600W + 2*14cm Fan (Power Supply)
HDD Western Digital 80Gb SATA
LG DVD read/write.

Help guys. i am so frustrated right now i just dunno what to do...



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