Ok, so I purchased a new USB headset about 5 days ago now.  I was at Best Buy, and I saw a RocketFish RF-9640 USB Headset.  It was on sale for $30, so I decided to try it out, since I needed a new headset badly =[.  It says no drivers are needed, and it doesn't look like any are coming out anytime soon.  The sound on it is GREAT, but there seems to be one major problem.  It makes CS:S lag, badly.  This is the only game that I regularly play that is an FPS, so it's the only game that the lag is noticable.  Warcraft III did not have any real noticeable lag with it, and I could host games w/ 10 people just fine.  I checked the integrity of my CS:S game files, and no errors occurred.  It seems that it would be a problem with CS:S, but it happened right as I got the headset.  My speed test results from yielded 5780 down/660 up.  The test was from Rochester, MN to Chicago.  That's ~300 miles, or so.  Not bad speeds for DSL, and certainly shouldn't induce lag spikes so often, as is the case.  While playing CS:S, I get frequent lag spikes (choke on net_graph 3 displays spikes of 40+ choke).  The lag spikes also cause all of the weapons that I bought that round to display once again (on the right side in yellow).  Also, all of the dead bodies fall again from standing position.  What I am wondering is, can a new USB headset really cause lag on your system?  My specs are:

P4 @ 3.0 GHz  (not OC'ed)
1 GB Corsair XMS RAM + 2x 256 MB Generic RAM
Intel 915 Chipset  Motherboard (older board, can't remember model #)
Chaintech 6600GT  (old card, but NO problems so far)
200GB Seagate SATA HDD
CD-RW and DVD-ROM Drive
Windows XP 32-bit  w/ SP2
CoolerMaster 450W PSU

Now, my computer is about 2-3 years old, but I haven't experienced any problems.  I checked for Spyware with Spy Sweeper (Full Scan + rootkits), and checked for viruses, and nothing came up.  Anyone have any ideas, or can confirm that the Headset is the problem after all?


Der Meister

i wouldnt think so but have you tried to play it with out the head set or unplig the head set once it gets laggy and see if that fixes it. 

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