Well we moved into the new house last sat and we are all settled in well sorta. I haven't had internet access since last fri and let me tell you it has been a long 10 days. I never realized how much I depend on the internet until you don't have it. we we're suppose to have comcast hook everything up mon night but the guy didn't show up till 9pm and he couldn't get the lines in the upstairs working. so I told him to leave and leave the STB's and modem behind and I would trace the lines out in the house and hook it up. And that's what I did. I got the 2 tv's working but when I took the faceplate off the wall in the office there was no cable there plugged into the wall plate. I couldn't even run a new cable yet since we are only renting the place for now so I needed permission to run the cable to the entry point in the basement and my landlords were away on vacation. I finally got the new line run on sat morning and went though the whole comcast install package ordeal and nothing worked. They had no communication with the modem. We spent countless hours on the phone with those Foktards with nothing solved. That's another story all in itself. So they didn't get fixed said they were sending it to the help desk and when I got home from work today I had internet. YEAH.[:D] So those foktards finally got something right. I honestly comcast is the most evil and retarded company on the face of the planet. But they have great products. Everything with them otherwise from ordering service to setting it up or support they suck big monkey balls. sorry if that was inappropriate but comcast deserves it


I cant stand Comcrap....eerrr...I mean Comcast either!


I wish I could have Time Warner back. 


yeah guys, i feel your pain. when we moved into our new house we didn't have internet for a week. once it was setup and didn't work. i thought it was the router becase we used to be DHCP and now we are PPPoE. after a week i finally gave up and I called windstream's customer service...they are absolutely brain dead. After 6 calls and 4 days of no service, i finally get the answer i wanted- they had an outage in the area and they were working on it. a few days later the net came back to life. i got my first bill and it was waaayyy more than it should have been. i asked if they could credit us for the time that we couldnt get on. the lady checked her records and tells me she can credit me for 4 days of no service ($6.00). i told her it didn't work for almost two weeks and she said she cannot credit me because we didn't call and report the issue when it first started. i told her to keep the six dollars and hire more customer service staff members.

oh, and the best part is windstream told me that if they had to do checks on the lines inside the house it would cost $45 upfront...the service has only been hooked up and not working for 2 weeks...crap!

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so nice, i haven't had a problem yet. although there is time when the Net is just out in my artea and i don't know what to do with


What sucks is when I used to live with my parents my ISP had an automated service that would call and tell you they know there is an issue in the area and they were working on it, hell they would give an ETA sometimes. Now that I'm in my own place and we had to switch to windstream, you call up, talk to a live rep and they don't even know whats going on.

 Also, I went from 6MB down at my parents to 1.5MB down....and that's the fastest they offer in my area.... :(

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entermymatrix03 wrote:

Also, I went from 6MB down at my parents to 1.5MB down....and that's the fastest they offer in my area.... :(

 Wow, 6 MB down must of been nice...I wish we had FiOS available here (Heard it's really nice)... the fastest we get here is 1.5 MB also


6Mb/s is not too bad. Hell 1.5Mb/s is workable.

Theres a big thing in the UK atm about providers advertising Up to 8Mb/s connections, but the only way you can get 8Mb/s is if you live on top of the exchange. I think the average is like 2.5Mb/s with the slowest being 0.02Mb/s.

But then we all lag behind compaired to some of the cities in Scandanavia / Far East.