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Ok I am new to building computers and I am using some stuff out of my old compter in my new one I have 2 hard drives that are ide and 2 cd/dvd burners that are ide from my old setup and and new 500gig hd sata I just got can I hook up all of these at the same time I have a Asus M2A-VM-HDMI mobo and it only has one IDE spot? And the cabe that came with the mobo only allows me to hook up 2 items????? Thank you for any help




My advice would have been not getting a mobo with only one IDE channel. You should have checked this before purchasing the board. Now that you have purchased the board you have two options. One is that you can return it and get a larger one (the form factor is primarily why the second channel was excluded). You other option would be purchasing an IDE controller that you'll put in a PCI slot (if you have any free).