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Hello Everyone,

We've just posted a new article at HotHardware exploring the performance and overclockability of Intel's upcoming Core 2 Duo E6750 processor. The E6750 differs from the older and similarly clocked E6700 in that its front side bus frequency has been increased to 1333MHz, but this isn't a simple speed bump. The E6750 is also based on a new stepping and revision of the Conroe-core which resulted in some excellent overclocking. How does almost 4GHz with the stock air-cooler sound? Head on over to the site and check it out...

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Performance Preview
Are the powerusage tests performed with Speedstep enabled or disabled?
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Enabled. Thanks for coming by!
Ah ok, pretty big difference then with the old ones.

Thanks for the reply.
Hi All,

Great review! The way Intel's been going do you think AMD will ever pass them again?
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Intel has definitely been on a roll, but you can't count AMD out. Intel was ahead of AMD for many years and look what happened with K8.
yea AMD ruined intel with the initial 939 platform launch. They came back with the core 2 duo's though and now have taken the lead ocne again. Until Barcelona and Phenom come out we cant really judge the game of the processors.

On the server side, AMD are still going to be playing catch up for a while yet.

Even when their true quad core X4 comes out, it's going to be a bit behind the Xeons for a while yet. Even on TDP where opterons used to own all the intel stuff, they are going to be behnid Especially when intel are going to release a new low tdp low voltage 2Ghz quad core the same time amd release the new 2Ghz X4, the xeon is rated a lot lower on power usage and should still have the performance edge.

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Great review! Intel always does great!

I was wondering if that 3.92GHz overclock successfully ran prime95 stress and/or orthos??

that seems to be a huge overclock...even other sites were maxing out at 3.6GHz...and for myself, I'm running it at 3.4Ghz with 1.45V in order to successfully do the stress tests.