I've read the manual, and I don't understand how to hook up the front cables. The colors mentioned in the manual and on the mobo, don't match up with the actual colors of the cables. The colors / writing of the cables are as followed:

Orange/White cable - "H.D.D LED"
Black/White cable - "Res SW"
Green/White cable - "Power LED"
Green/Black cable - "M/B SW"

Now I need to know how to hook these up. The writing on the motherboard looks like this:
| MSG+/- | PW-/+ |
| HD+/- | RES-/+ |

Can someone please translate what my cables mean, and where they should be placed on the mobo? Thanks...

Hopefully I get some replies because I'm not trying to spend $30 to have Geek Squad fix this for me when I know it'll only take 2 seconds given the proper understanding...

I realize it's been almost a month since this question was posted, so if BrianPage is all set, perhaps someone else can benefit from this.

Just to be sure, I looked at page 23 of this motherboard's manual to confirm that these are pretty standard front panel connections.

The easiest two are the switches.  They can be connected in either direction (black to either plus or minus), and you could even swap the two without serious harm. (It would confuse everyone to turn on the PC with the reset switch, though.)  So for the Reset switch, connect the Res SW cable to the two RES-/+ pins on the lower right, and connect the M/B SW cable to the PW -/+ pins on the upper right for the front panel power switch.

The LED's will only work if the polarity is correct, but if you only have it reversed briefly, it should be OK.   The HDD LED cable goes to the HD +/-  pins on the lower left, and the Power LED cable goes to the MSG +/- pins on the upper left.  (MSG stands for Message; the manual further refers to this as the Message LED/Power/Sleep LED.)