Hey, it's been a while, but I just got my new car, a manual 04' BMW 325i, and I'm in love with it. But one modification I've wanted for it was to be able to connect my iPod to it. I've also been seeing a huge advertising push towards HD radio. A company, Dice electronics, offers a DIY package which connects to where the CD changer would. They have two main packages:

One is just the iPod integration kit which costs $154.34 after shipping. Another is an HD radio tuner that also comes with the iPod integration feature, but you have to buy the iPod cable separetly for an arm & a leg. So the total for the second package is $250.39 including shipping. So I was wondering if anyone here owns either of those packages, or if you have any comments on if HD Radio is even worth that extra $96.05?

Thanks, - Peter.