Each day the 8800 GTS 640 seem to be cheaper, nowdays u can find one for $330.
On the other hand the 8800 GTX doesn't seem to be cheaper minimum at $540.
so me question is what is going to be the diference between 2 GTS ( $660) or a OC'd GTX ($580).
My main preucupation is Crysis ( I know there hadn't been any official system requirments realese) i heard it runs fine in a 8800 GTX what about 2 GTS?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the bad english
Simply put two 8800GTS's can perform a little better than 1 GTX in many different games. So yeah it would help a little if you had the extra cash.

As for Crysis I don't think anyone has a good idea of how current gen. Dx10 cards will be able to handle it. Take the port "Lost Planet" for example; it ran very poorly with DX10 shaders on an 8800gtx, but it might also run poorly cause it wasn't very optimized for PC (it's an xbobx360 port). SO i'd suggest buying something really good right now or just waiting a while to upgrade.

your english is fine. 🙂
thanks i will wait a little bit until crysis realese the system requirments

thanks again
Mine didnt run poorly, I had it on 1024x768 with all the eye candy up.. for some reason I couldnt get it to do 1440x990 , i dont know why.