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I see I'm still in the top 15.
Yup, not that many big posters atm.

Having said that, I just had my first 60K week and theres still 1 day left.

Next week I want to go for a 100K week, might be possable with 1 more dual quad X5355. That would give me over 100Ghz of top current generation folding.

1 month and counting warlord.......
Obviously your gonna make the pass so without further ado let me be the first to say congrats on taking the #2 spot. I can not muster the folding power you are pushing so it pains me to drop to 3rd but what can ya do. At least your pushing the 32407 up the ranks single handed and i respect your passion for the team and for your drive to fold. Everyone needs to give it up to larac ,he is doing big things for the team and has earned some credit. Congrats again larac and thank you for the team boost you have been badly needed. Now go get mathcool.
Thanks warlord.

Unfortunately this is a bit of a short term boost. Not sure if I will catch you any time soon. I 'll hopefully pick up 3rd next week.
The boost has come from the two Dual X5355 Xeon machines. Problem being I have suppliers coming next week to put them to their true purpose.

That will 1/2 my current folding output.

Ho humm. It was only going to be short lived anyway.
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