I have spent the past few hours on google looking for a motherboard that meets my criteria, so far I have found nothing that meets them all.

I am looking for a motherboard with;
- high quality components which can survive for years being left on pretty much 24/7.
- i have a max budget of around 90 english pounds
- S775
- I would like either an Intel 965 but pref a 975X chipset.

There are shed loads of these boards available for great prices; my problem comes when I factor in my final criteria which is that there be 2 x Gigabit ethernet onboard with with an Intel or Broadcom LAN chipset. I have looked high and low, it seems all the Asus boards are Marvel and most other manufacturers seem to use Realtek. I thought I had found my board with the MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition but it only has 1 Gigabit ethernet port

I intend to multiboot with FreeBSD and lots of other operating systems and I know that Intel NIC's always work!

Please somebody end my misery and give me a board that meets my criteria!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!