I'm writing this to help me and everyone who wants to get into the game industry and wishes to know or hear stories on how the guys at epic got their jobs and how they would recommend starting preparing for the industry and what they should do and dont do.

Please Epic; enlighten us with your stories. (People please ask questions here too... i hope Epic responds and helps us out)

Here are some of my questions i would like to ask,
I love games; I want to be a game designer. I enjoy writing long stories, drawing free hand (mostly faces and bodies) and even photoshoping images and Im slowly learning how to 3D model (Maya is a bit more friendlier to me... 3D max feels a bit complicated hehe).

But I want to know. How important is Video game schools? Like If there was a program I would take it would be "Game Art & Design" BUT that seems to cost the most money ($21 000 CDN for a one year diploma at Vanarts in Vancouver >.
Also could you recommend any good schools? Like with a decent residence plan in both USA and Canada (Im just a graduate high school kid here! Hehe)?

Any other questions from others please post them here.
Thank you for your time,
i dont think epic reads these forums you can try to contact them directly from their website though.