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Ok so i have to different sets of 2gb 1 is pc-6400 and the other is pc8500.
I dont have the money right now to buy anther 2gb pc-8500 kit. Both kits are xms2 buy corsair. I know that the speed will only be 800mhz but for now thats with it to be at 4gigs. My problems is that when windows boots up it allmost allways freezes. The one time i did get windows to boot it only reconized 2gb not the whole 4. I rebooted check the bios and it said 4 then i couldnt get back into windows. Is there something in vista that wont let me upgrade ram? Most of the time it goes to the blue screen and says physical memory dump and counts buy 5. I am running vista ultimate and the rest of my stats are below. Thank for reading this and i hope someone can help
Make sure the manufacturer's recommended voltage between the 2 sticks isn't WAAY different and set it at a happy medium between the two (closer to the higher end). Also you might want to try loosening up the timings on them to something like 6-6-6-18 or so.......