Due to the earthquake in Taiwan last year and the subsequent repairs, I've been off of folding until very recently. I've recently put the mac mini back to task, and today I just got the main rig up and running again. Also it looks like the gpu version is working with the new 7.x drivers, so I'll give that a spin again. Warlod - prepare to eat my dust again sir~!
It's not a dual core chip in that mac is it?

If so get it on the SMP client. Good bonuses.

I've got a dual xeon 5150 running a version of the SMP client. It's chucking out 1750 point WU's every 17hrs or so. Muchos points.
Yeah it is It's been kicking booty
I noticed you managed to upload 113 work units for no credit yesterday.

Might be something you want Pande group to look at.
I don't even look at those figures But I do know I had some corruption with my 2 consoles on a windows machine. I'm not sure if they have a specific shut down command or what-not but I installed new catalyst drivers to get the gpu folding up and running. That might have something to do with it?
Not sure. Thats an awful lot of WU's gone back. Having said that unless the EUE'd they will get re-assigned.

How many points is your GPU client chucking out?

I've got a dual Xeon 5150 dualcore running the linux SMP client. It completes a 1700+ point WU in 14hours
if you are getting 30XX WU's you will get lots of EUE's, even more so if you have multiple consoles running on a single machine.
Digital - can you elaborate on the reasons why? I'd be interested

Larac - not really sure on the gpu, it's taken a few days to crunch it's first unit. Should be done later today. Going to be building 2 new machines, one for the wife, and one gaming rig for me - both SFF tho. The Wife will probably get a 1900 of some kind, I'll have to look into which ones can fold. The other one will get the massive R600 beast, if I can fit it into my SFF case lol
Its just a trend I've noticed. I saw a few posts on the folding community's forums saying the 30XX WU's weren't very stable and that EUEs would be more likely on those. Then on my 10 rigs I just noticed a trend with systems running multiple consoles having more EUEs with the 30XX units. if I run a single console when i get a 30XX WU I can finish it about 2/3 of the time, with more than one console running they usually terminate in an EUE in under 20 frames.

Keep in mind this is all on systems I know to be stable with no heat issues. There is also some conjecture out there where folks feel that as the 30XX WUs mature there will be less EUEs [that seems most plausible to me].
But the EUE's are not really too much of a problem. They cause more network traffic for your selves, but they still provide valuable science for Stanford.

Also you do get points for uploaded EUEs.
I just finished making some changes to my rigs. My main rig with the c2d is now running the smp client and i also added another 2.4ghz northwood to the fold.Silentspectre's putting the pressure on thick , believe me i feel your presence silentspectre however i have got more gas in the tank.

Just started with a new shop here locally (with a significant pay increase might i add, very stoked about it)so hopefully in a few weeks between tech rigs and the upgrades i have planned for the family rigs i can add enough to keep my spot. Time will tell but i'm not out yet Silentspectre. Your close to taking the #2 spot but not quite yet.