Recently I purchased Supreme Commander and it doesn't run very well on my pc. So I'm thinking of upgrading now. My current pc is already quite old.

What I have now: AMD 64 3200+ on socket 754. ASUS K8V mobo with 2x512 pc3200ram and a Abit X800pro vid. card.

I used to know my way around hardware, but lately I haven't really been following it all. I want a decent pc, but not extreme state of the art with 2x8800's in SLI or something.

Budget: about a 1000 euros (I'm Dutch) preferably more like 800euros.
What do I already have and will be reusing: Kingwin case with 3 coolers, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, sound card and a DVD burner.

So I need
- mobo
- memory
- HD
- vid. card

- I'm usually and AMD guy, but I've heard that intel is duocores are a lot better for gaming atm. Looking at budget I can go for an intel E6400 (socket 775)(214 euros) or I could go for and AMD X2 5200+ (AM2)(206). I don't really know where to go here. Advice would be much appreciated.

- mobo: Depends of course on the CPU. Some of the cheaper ASUS boards will be fine. Don't need a lot of onboard stuff or SLI, all I need is for it to be rocksolid and have network (but they all have that these days).
Maybe the ASUS M2N-MX in case of the AMD mobo and in case of intel I really don't know (so many options).

- memory: again depends on the CPU. But I'm completely lost here. There are so many specifications these days that I don't know what to pick. I've always liked Kingston, so I want Kingston ram and I want 2 gigs running in dual channel (so 2x1gig). Should be DDR2 I think to be compatible with the mobos. But from here it gets vague for me. as far as I know lower cas is better right? and higher pc.... is better, but I don't know what is a good pick for me (I'm not going to overclock).

- HD: Was thinking of Hitachi deskstar t7k500 400 gig (129euros) or something like that.

- PSU: I love Enermax noisetakers, but something by Antec or another good brand is also good. Was looking at a Enermax EG565AX-VE(G)(FMA) 535 Watt, can get that with a discount for 65 euros. This should be enough power right? What's the minimum wattage I can manage this pc with (from a good PSU)?

- video card: I know you're now going to say I should go for Nvidea, but I just don't like them and prefer ATI even though at the moment Nvidea is the better pick. Was looking at Sapphire X1950XT for 239 euros. Any suggestions here? Is the 1950XT that much better then the PRO to justify a 75 euro diffrence? Any other options, ideas?

Thnx for your help. All your advice is much appreciated.
My suggestion would be:

(prices are in Canadian dollars, I'll convert them into Euro's when I'm done)

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 = 229.99
Motherboard - MSI P965 Platinum = 170.84
Memory - Kingston ValueRAM DDR2-667 2GB Kit (since you like Kingston) = 179.99
Hard Drive - Western Digital (WD2500KS) Caviar 250GB = 89.99
Power Supply - OCZ GameXStream 600 Watt = 129.99
Video Card = Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 XT = 279.99

Total = 1080.79 CAD which is equal to 700.137 Euros

This setup obviously isn't the absolute best machine you can buy in your budget obviously but it should give you alot of bang for your buck.
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i would just like to suggest a different mobo, since i don't like MSI too much.
Ok, I did some research, and read some benchmarks etc. Came up with the following:

- intel core 2 due E6400 (best bang for bucks in Holland compared to 6300 and 6600)
- either an ASUS P5B-E mobo or Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard. Any advice between those two? Prices are about the same.
- 2x1gig of Kingston Hyper-X DDR2 6400 cas 4 ram. Just as expensive as the valueram, so seem logical to pick this, especially looking at the fact that these new intels tend to overclock really well, Hyper-x would suite me better for that then valueram I suppose.
- HD, not really sure yet. Doesn't matter that much either, Seagate, WD, Maxtor and Hitachi are all good and have been good to me in the past. I don't think there are really big diffrences in speed, are there?
- OCZ powersupllies are almost impossible to get in Holland. And tend to be more expensive then Enermax or Antec counterparts. Still, how much power would I need for this rig? Keep in mind that I consider overclocking, though without volt mods etc. I can get an OCZ 520W ModStream OCZ52012U PSU for 72,5 euros. I think that should do, shouldn't it?
- Sapphire X1950XT is definatly the way to go I think. Read nothing but great reviews and comparisons.
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Mobo - I'd personally go with the Gigabyte one.
HDD - Seagate tends to be more reputable when coming to reliability and performance. It definitely would be my choice. If possible, I'd recommend you to look into the perpendicular recording ones.
PSU - 520W should be enough, but hearing what you say about the pricing in Holland, I would also definitely check out the Enermax psu. Personally, I'd prefer an Enermax PSU. But don't get me wrong. Your pick is perfectly legit.
Video Card - A very good choice, but in my opinon, i'd wait for R600 and the next generation of video cards from ATi.
any news on when the R600's will hit the shelves?
Der Meister
late in the year, i think june or later.
Don't think I'm going to wait that long. Besides it still takes some time after they are released to actually hit the shelves. Especially in holland which is usually slower then the US for example.

btw if I were to upgrade the memory of my current pc (see signature) is there any way I can buy something that I can also stick in a new pc which will look as described in this thread. Does DDR 2 mem fit into DDR1 motherboards?
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nope ddr1 only has 189pins while ddr2 has 240, i dont remembered the exact #'s of pins off the top of me head but, in shot nope ddr2 wont work in ddr1 slots