Isn't a mouse called a mouse because it has the cord that looks like a tail? Then shouldn't a wireless mous be called a hamster or something?

Anyways, I'm looking to get a new wireless mouse. I currently have a Logitech MX510, and I'm very happy with it, but I just want to go wireless. Probably my favorite thing on the mouse is the back button on the side, and the scroll buttons above and below the wheel. I have considered getting a Logitech MX revolution, but I'm not sure about the side wheel that it has.

So which wireless mouse do you guys think think that I should buy?
I have the MX510 and the MX610. The MX610 is wireless laser and I love it. Im basically getting it for the tax I paid once the rebate comes back. Not bad for a $60 mouse. I have both mice attached to my system....I cant leave my MX510 was my first good mouse I ever owned.
I looked at the MX610 when you posted the deal. It looks OK. It just doesn't have the scroll buttons, but the volume buttons look like they might be really cool to have.
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If you can get a logitech MX 1000 do so and you will not regret it. It has all the same buttons as your mx510 plus side scrolling and a third button on the side. They have been dropping in price lately and imo is the best mouse you can get. If you are a gamer dont get the mx610 as it likes to shut itself off alot to conserve battery life. With my MX 1000 i get a good week out of my mouse when im gaming pretty much every night for a few hours, plus the rest of the time it is on when im surfing the net or image editing.
I also considered the MX1000, but it is higher priced then the MX revolution. Plus the MX1000 is becoming harder and harder to find. I think they stopped making them.

How does everyone feel about the side wheel on the MX revolution? Personally I not sure what to think of it, but I have looked at one at the store, and I really like the scroll wheel on it.

Originally posted by: Drago
...If you are a gamer dont get the mx610 as it likes to shut itself off alot to conserve battery life....

Ive never had this problem and ive been gaming a good bit with it.
Der Meister
I would say take one for a test drive before you buy it. nothing like buying an funky feeling mouse...
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if i had a choice, i'd go with the MX Revolution as well. but someone, please, enlighten me on the benefits of a wireless mouse. I had one that came along with my logitech keyboard, and it was crap.
So xtreme how are the volume buttons on the MX610? Do you even use them?

Well the reason that I'm thinking of getting a wireless mouse is because I have new desk, and the distance fro where my desktop sits is a lot further than it was on my last desk. Also, I have read a couple of threads on here where people said they liked wireless mouses better.
Go for the mx revolution, i just got it this week and wow, i don't know how the heck i lived without it for so long, the scroll wheel is wicked while working on spreadsheets and databases, and the side wheel is pretty handy to when you have multiple docs open at once. I can't say much about the battery life yet since i just got it but so far so good, and when it does shut off it responds to the slightest touch so no worries for games. Just let me know if you have any questions and i'll be glad to answer them.
Thanks nerts, so the side wheel doesn't bug you at all? Basically that all I'm worried about.
I like the 510 - Its comfortable, fast and accurate, and not too expensive either.
Heheh, the Logitech G7.
I already have a mx510. Problem is its not wireless.

I think I got to go by the store, and see which one fits my hand best agian.
The volume control works well...though all I use is the mute now and then.