Hi, I am having a problem with my eVGA 6800 gt 256mb AGP card. It started when I opened up my computer to clean out the dust inside. I also took out a UV light and switched around some PSU power connecters. When I turned the computer back on I got a whole bunch of artifacts, smiley faces, and such. I can't even get on, since my monitor enters sleep mode after I load windows.

Now I had this problem before, about a year ago when I first built my computer. I fixed it by playing around with wires. I had artifacts at start up but my computer worked after windows login. This was fixed after I got a new monitor.

Well after playing around the wires for a half an hour computer started working again until I played Guild Wars. When I played for a couple of minutes, I got artifacts and monitor went into sleep mode again. There has been no luck since. My speculation is the PSU, since it's not all that reliable, but then I wonder why it has been working for a year with no faults until today.
BTW: My drivers are updated and I am able to get on using safe mode.


Ultra 500w X-connect
AMD athlon 64 3200 venice
1gig Corsair XMS 1 stick
Seagate 250 gb SATA hard drive
Abit av8 motherboard
eVGA 6800 Gt video card
onbard sound card