I'm getting no sound at all using a basic 2.1 two speaker with subwoofer setup. Tried uninstalling SoundMax then reinstalling latest from Asus but no good. Have fronts plugged into the green jack and the sub into the orange jack and SoundMax says that the correct config. No support on the SoundMax site and I spoke to an Asus tech but not much help there.

Any help would be appreciated - I'm a 1st time system builder and have lots to learn.
do you have the front audio ports connected. I think MY asus board or one of the other brands I had, had this issue where if you connected the front audio ports than the rear one's wouldn't work anymore.
2007-03-07T20:45:16Z  and it now works fine.

4. Enter your BIOS. Go to Advanced > Onboard Devices Configuration and select Front Panel Support Type. Make sure it's set to AC97 (default is HD Audio)

This will solve several issues with the AC97 frontpanel not working properly.

if you don't know how to install:
->download the file
->extract the files to a location like the desktop (can delete when finished so)
->go to your device manager (right click my computer, klik properties, go to hardware tab, click device manager button)
->Locate the soundmax (under sounds and audio devices)
->Right click and select update driver
->Select "no, not this time"
->Select "install from a specific list or location"
->Now select the folder where you extracted the files
->When finished, reboot and you can delete the extracted files and enjoy a better driver!