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Hello All! We've just posted a new article at detailing our experience with a pair of EVGA's e-GeForce 7950 GT KO cards. We evaluated the e-GeForce 7950 GT KO's performance in both single-card and SLI modes, and compared its performance to a wide array of competition. Here's a snip from the piece...

"As enthusiasts, we'd all love to own a killer quad-core powered rig complete with a healthy amount of RAM, super-fast hard drives, and a pair of NVIDIA's flagship GeForce 8800 GTX cards pushing the pixels. The kind coin required to assemble a system like this puts them well out of reach for the majority of us, however, hence the immense popularity of more affordable, mainstream products like the one we're going to talk about today, EVGA's e-GeForce 7950 GT KO."

Read The Rest Right Here.