Ok, I went and bought a new case thinking "I'll just take everything out of my existing computer and put it in a spiffy new case and all will be right and well in the world". Wrong. To my dismay, I found that the mobo in my box was anchor'd in there in a way that I can't get around, combined with dell's custom case. I also read quite a few horror stories about boobytrapped PSU's. So now I'm looking at a new mobo and PSU, and I want to know if I need to add a new P4 to that list (please merciful fate, NO!!!).
Marco C
You'll be able to use the processor, no problem. Dell likes to use proprietary cases, mobos, and power supplies, but the processor in your system is just like any other. You can use it in any compatible motherboard.
Der Meister
just be sure to apply a new thermal pad or thermal grease on the CPU/heatsink(remove the old stuff first) upon the installiation .