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I need some advice.

All of a sudden my laptop has started constantly either switching of or going into stand by mode. after some diagnoses i have worked out it happens when a slight bit of pressure is applied to the left hand side of the laptop (the bottom half not the screen half).
or it happens when the laptop is moved. the only time it seems to work is when its completely flat as in screen pulled all the way back (which is not viewable!) or in a flat position again any movement causes it to switch off or go into stand by mode.

When its in stand by mode the screen seems to stop responding and wont switch back on again.

I rang dell and they seem to think its the read switch thats faulty. The read switch apparently is what is activated when the laptop closes whilst it is powered on and causes it to go into stand by. However they are charging over 100 for repairs!

Does anybody have any other suggestions? Or advice?
turn off the stand by mode,
How old is this notebook? Im assuming not under warranty anymore as Dell wants to charge you to fix it?

Kid's suggestion is worth a may want to take it apart and see what you can find that that area where you apply pressure and see if something is getting shorted out.

Good luck.
I also forgot to mention, dell has a online manual of every laptop look for urs if you are planning of opening your lappy and once more good luck
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Thanks guys, i appreciate your advise.

however i have tried turing of stand by mode, but that hasnt made any difference, in fact it was even on.

dell are saying 100+!!

ill have a look at the online manual.

however just wanted to mention when it does switch off, it doesnt shutdown its like all of a sudden it looses its connection and zilches out but then it doesnt stay off its like it knowes its not powered off and stays on without resuming the screen.