hey guys im new on here.... and ive been looking everywhere for a place to ask question this seems like the best place to.. ANYWAYS.. heres my system specs..

n-force4 pci express mobo
3400+ socket 754 processor runs somewhere around the 2.2 to 2.4 range.
GIG of ddr 400 ram
and a 680 watt power supply.
MY VIDEOCARD RIGHT NOW.. lol is a chaintech 7300GT model... it only have 4 PIPELINES!!!

but ehhh...
well anyways i was looking at the XFX 8800 GTS

its going to be around 430 bucks and i want the latest and greatest because if i dont buy it right now with what was left over of half my paycheck and what i got for christmas money ill NEVER be able to uy something this great again.. ive heard alot about bottlenecking and stuff but thats greek to me,
HERES MY SITUATION i want to be dx10 ready. so i want this card for down the road, and i never EVER play games on nothing bigger than 1024X768 just something that looks really good while i play. and plus my monitor is only a crisp 17 inch CRT. and i love to play the newest games out like right now battlefield 2142 is GREAT but i have to turn everything down for my videocard right now.. that chaintech card SUCKS. but i think im really going to do it, im going to buy me that 8800 and put in this system... i know it wont run to its full potential but it will be in a 64 bit based system with a gig of ram that every 2 weeks i format so it doesnt hang up on un-neccessary things i dont get o nthe internet with it. i only have 1 hard drive and 1 dvd drive in it to load games and play. so i mean its strictly a GAMING computer but an older one at that. himm heres a pic of it i know this wont help any but u can see it really doesnt have much powr draw if any.

like isaid sorry for the image its my myspace profile image but its the only thing i have with a pic of the guts of the computer as u can tell i can overclock a little if i need to. LOL.. and i mean i have enough room and air flow room to house that 8800...
it aint like i run a rats nest.. i love everything to look clean and stuff.
what do u all think..
oh heres my card right now..

and i took off the stock fan and heatsink and put this on it..

what do u all think abotu the whole ordeal.. should i do it or not do it.. either way if i ever decide to build another rig one day next year during summer or whatever i can always put that card in my new system
no ideas on whether u think this will be a good combo?
Marco C
An 8800 GTS will work perfectly fine in your system. You may be CPU limited in some situations, but the performance increase over your 7300 will be huge.
so u actually think ill be fine.. i mean.. i know it will hang in some situation.. but what does bottlenecking mean and how will it bottleneck cause soooooo many poeple said it would under certain things... i mean i can understand my processor not being able to sometimes keep up with the card is that what u mean?

Originally posted by: obscuremind
...i mean i can understand my processor not being able to sometimes keep up with the card is that what u mean?

THAT is bottlenecking. One peice of hardware that is limiting another.
that card will be fine until you build a new system next year. it will be bottlenecked by the processor to an extent, but again when you upgrade the proc the performance in games will increase as you are effectively 'unlocking' the performance potential of the graphics card.
I bought a GTS 2 months ago and the price has already droped up to $50 @ some sites, so I'd reccomend waiting about 2 more months while trying to save about another $200-300. I know waiting sux, but by the end of Feb. or begging of march you'd be in a better position to make an investment that will satisfy you farther into the future than if you let that money burn a hole in your pocket now. You could probably buy a better processor, a new mobo and a gig of 667mhz DDR2 ram for around $300 total and get the card for $400 or maybe even a hair less if you catch a sale! That's just one oppinion for you, good luck deciding what to do!!!
There's always something better out there and whatever you buy will eventually go down in price. If you keep always wait and never buy anything. Make up your mind and jump in. It's the only way to go.
No disrespect intended X, but saying something is the only way to go is a bit narrow minded.
Der Meister
well he is right. If you always have the mentality that i want it but i don't want to get killed on the price compared to 2 months from now but i also want the best is kind of crazy. because the second you get something something new has come out and has made its price to go down.
My suggestion to wait wasn't so much about landing the card at a lower price and more about saving a bit more money to purchase a new cpu, mobo and ram. The 3400 is not a bad general purpose CPU at this point in time, but will simply not be able to feed the 8800 fast enough to make it's relative performance worth the price of admission. A faster cpu on a better board with faster ram will round things out and make for a much more balanced PC. I saw a Fry's ad just recently advertising a 6300 paired with a Gigabyte 965 board for $209 I believe and I know I've seen single gig sticks of 667mhz DDR2 for around a c-note. That trio would far better compliment the card then the current specs.
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I agree with some of the others. This card will work in your system, plus once you build your next system this card will still be one of the top cards (granted you dont take too long ) so this card will work in that system as well.

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ok well i didnt go with the XFX but with the BFG... it turned out great heres some movies on youtube...liek isaid i wasnt going to run the card at CRAZY resolutions.




tell me what u think... i think id pay for it again.. its DEFINENTLY a big improvement.. and it hasnt done anything BAD yet like overheating or shutting down.. so its performing pretty good for my system... i like it.. i cant see or tell any bottlenecking on the processor but then again im sure its there.
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no offense or anything, but i don't see the point of running the game at high resolutions given the fact that you have the best card on the market right now... but then again, your monitor is a bit smaller so it would be a little demanding on your eyes...
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