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I know it is possible to have my pc set up for a dual display, and I know that you can use a tv as a monitor, but my problem is a little more complicated...

I was wondering if it would be possible for me to:
1) Have the option to toggle computer's display between the two displays
2) Have the ability to watch tv on the television while using the monitor to work on computer.

For example, I may be working on a spreadsheet (using the monitor), and watching channel 36 (using the tv).
Then, I decide to pop a dvd into my computer...I want that to display on the tv instead.

If its relevant, I have an S-Video Out on my graphics card.

It seems to me that I would need a tv tuner (to start), but I dont know how to accomplish this....any help would be appreciated.

Der Meister
Well it depends on the TV and the video card. Yes you can toggle the screens like you want and a TV tuner is not needed unless you plan on running the t though your computer. What type of vid card do you have? If its a Nvidia card it makes it a bit simpler but if not it can still be done.

(for your s-video)
What you can do is run an S-vid cable from you Vid card into the back of the the tv. Select (in your tv) the input as S-video. For your vid card make sure you have the latest drives then go into the Vid cards software tell it to run dual monitors and then tell it to run using the S-vid port. once this is done i believe that you can then set a key stroke (such as Shift + A or what ever) to change from one monitor to the other.