I need replace my old 40GB drive with bigger drive.
I have a HP Pavilion a200n Desktop PC.
The system is running Windows XP home.
What is the max Hard drive size
that the HP system will support?
Do I need to update the BIOS?
Can I simply copy the 40GB to a larger disk?
What software do I need to copy the Hard drive to a larger hard drive?
Will I have problems with the Recovery partition?
Will I have problems with Windows XP
or any applicaton programs?

Thank You
Bob Whitman
Dam thats a lot of question marks. Look it up, don't expect some to just give you all the answers.

If the computer is old then it might not accept drives over, I think its 134GB. Some older computers can take larger drives after a bios update. You should also be able to just add a second drive for storage. Since you seem to be to lazy to find this stuff out yourself, you should just get a 120GB drive, and add it as secondary storage. Just remember that you have to set the boot drive as master and the secondary drive as slave. If you don't want to have 2 drives then just install the new one, and use the free software from the drive company, you can download it at their website, and copy the original drive, and then remove the old drive, and thats about it.