im having a hard time choosing a video card, which Manufacturer is the best?
I'd personally go with EVGA. They have a great warranty, and plus they have the step-up program. If a new card comes out within 90 days of your purchase, then you can upgrade to that card (you just have to pay the difference) and it works real well (i stepped up my 7950GX2 for an 8800GTX and it only took 5 days to get the card back).
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Last time I checked XFX was offering their double-lifetime warranty (lifetime for the original owner which is transferable to the second owner). This would definitely be a plus if you ever decide to sell your 8800GTX.
I was reading a review, and it turns out that the only difference is the sticker, and what comes with the card. They are actually only making these in one location.
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Likewise, my understanding is that, at present, everything is the same as the Nvidia reference/ stock card.
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Even the cooler?
Maybe not the cooler but just the chipset/structure of the card. Besides, most of the stock coolers are pretty crap anyway. Better off getting a 3rd party cooler.
Nah they're actually pretty nice. Mine's extremely quiet, the only bad thing is it idles a little higher than I'm used to seeing but the temperature hardly rises at full load.
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Super Dave is correct, we do offer a Double-Lifetime warranty (North American Customers Only) to our 8 series , 7 series and 6 series cards. Basically the original owner and who ever they sell or give the card to will get a lifetime warranty. This can come in handy when you are upgrading your video card and wish to sell your current one on ebay or similar sites.

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Lol what is with 'Support' peopel coming on forums lately? Ive seen this on so many forums in the last week -.-
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'Tis the Season.
I dunno if you want to buy the card, I wouldn't suggest it unless you really need an upgrade. There's no support from any of the ubi unreal engine 3 games, Splinter Cell DA is screwed (COMPLETELY unplayable), R6 Vegas with an 8 series runs slower than a 7800gtx, it doesn't work well with the source engine (the fog is totally messed up), still doesn't do AA and HDR in most games (you have to do some LAME work around to get it to work)... it's a 650 dollar piece of crap because there's no support for it. The only reason I paid the extra 60 bucks to get my 7950 stepped up to one is i thought I was going to need DX10 real soon for Crysis which just got pushed back into fall of next year.

I rather get the 8800gts and save $150 bucks!