2 EVGA GeForce 7900 GT KO vs 1 EVGA GeForce 7950 GT KO

Is it better to use 2 lower end cards instead of one higher end?
go with a single 8800!
the 8800 are way over budget... seriously, would you recomend 2 7900s for good gaming?
Der Meister
^ I don't see how there way over budget, Since it would be $70 more and the performance would still beat the 7950 sli'd
I'd recommend a Radeon 1950XTX or 1900XTX
How can one 8800 perform better than two 7950 ? 2 7950 has more bandwidth, more memory more evrything no?
Damn the cost factors! More power! Always more power!!!!!
pay attentioin schmuck.....he never said using two 7950's.....he's talking two 7900'S which is a huge difference. But in all reality, the 8800XTX can beat two 7950's anyway so it doesn't matter. Bandwidth is cut to 8X for each slot when SLi is engaged. Which really makes it kinda usless. But the reality is the dual card thing is kinda going away. Single card purchases will often beat any dual card setup that consist of cards that are 1 year old.

Originally posted by: digitalayon
Bandwidth is cut to 8X for each slot when SLi is engaged..

Stop me if i'm wrong, but isn't one of the features of the Nvidia M590 chipset being able to send x16 to two sli channels - (48 sli pipes, or something i think. twice the bandwidth of previous chipsets).

Anyway - to answer the original post (i suppose somebody has to ). I did a lot of digging before buying my GX2. All the reviews I read the GX2 only outperformed the 7950GTX at resolutions higher than 1280x1024.

1280x1024 is all my flat screen is capable of.

Why did I bother? I have no idea. Possibly because the GX2 was ony 50 more than the GTX, and officially the GX2 is supposed to "fall exactly midway between the performance of a singlr GTX, and 2xGTX in sli mode. And I still cant see how a dual processor cant easily outperform a single - at least if they're both getting x16 bandwidth...?

in my opinion, if you want to play FSX, or Neverwinter2, wait a year or so until the 8800 comes down in price, then buy two 8800 GX2's (seriously).

Alternately - have a look at some reviews for each of the cards - these days they usually show how they perform x2 in sli mode.
Buy a 8800GTS for around $450 and you won't have to worry about sli for a while.
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